A new Flavour?

My interest in the following topic was sparked by a recent incident at a night market.

A taiwanese friend told me that I couldnt eat the ‘blood sausage’ - because youre christian, so you cant eat it… now that friend knows i am not really christian at all, and really couldnt believe that in the UK “black pudding” forms an integral part of any true Full ENglish Breakfast.

Now, on this same theme, that foods over here are just named differently, I began to seriously consider the “prepackaged flavours”

Cast your minds back to haloween: did anyone else try the Lays Spooky salsa snack?

I did, but we would call it Spicy tomato flavour

Similarly, those “disney corn snacks” are called pickle onion flavour, more the nori seaweed would actually be mild chedder flavour, ore even cheese and onion.

This leads me to ponder quie a few things

  1. is this just marketing people making a name up to match the flavour - the powers of persuasion if you like, “you are eating cheese”…
  2. do they trial these flavours and the locals tell the marketing guys how “they taste”
  3. do these things really taste different?

and finally, most importantly, does anyone have some extreme opposites for flavouring - like something called spicy chilli here, but creamy blue cheese in their country… or even has anyone else noticed this, or just me???

Why can’t Christians have blood sausage? Not that I’m Christian, or that I’d want to eat blood sausage; I’m just curious - what reason did your friend give?

I had some Thai food the other night that tasted just like Chinese food does in the average Chinese restaurant in Australia.

artificial strawberry flavour=shredded aluminium flavour
artificial banana flavour=don’t go there!
Pizza Hut in HK in the 80s: Corn and Mutton Pizza :noway:

christians cant eat blood?

i guess its the taiwanese chrisitnas, although i couldnt be 100% sure :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that the missionaries didnt always keep to the european version, so once I helped one of possibly 10 jews in Indonesia to celebrate passover but a korean christian who was in attendence said it

“was against her reliogion to hear other religions…” so they have never heard of the old testament :loco: :loco: :loco: :loco: :loco: :loco: