A new hack?

Someone managed to hijack a webpage I was trying to load. Instead of a screen of less than fully-clad lovelies I got this:


You are one of the suspects on the list!

Please wait…

Taipei government with “HINET” has installed black boxes that listen to your Internet connection…

(A long list of things the hijacker said had been “checked,” including recent downloads and “hidden tracks”)

Illegal Activities Detected.
You may be arrested for up to 50 years

(Here’s the clincher)

We recommend you to use

Proven & Certified Software to solve this problem

Click here for the details…
Before it’s too late…


Can you imagine being arrested time and time again for a period of 50 years? I doubt the sum of all my sins to date would warrant such a punishment. Do you think they know that I’ve ripped the tags off my mattresses?

Who does one contact about a moronic stunt like the one listed above? Yes, I realize that the cops are probably too dull and lazy to care. If you know who to contact, please share…

report to you ISP. And if possible their ISP.
some times it works.

What was the address for that website?

you are supposed to send an email to abuse@
most of them follow it up

What is the URL of the screen of less than fully-clad lovelies? or of related websites?

this interested viewer would also like to know :sunglasses:

There’s this wonderful invention that you may not have heard of before

Yeah, but i want to see the hacked webpage!

:shock: Did you do the search!?!?!

Never mind the hacked web page!!! :laughing: