A new online "Taiwan Encyclopedia" --> taipedia.cca.gov.tw

I noticed this story recently on eTaiwan News:

etaiwannews.com/Education/20 … 280636.htm

Here’s a quote:
“The launch of the Taiwan Encyclopedia Web site today means that we have begun a new intellectual movement with participation by all our countrymen,” said President Chen at yesterday’s opening ceremony.


It’s only in Chinese. I think it’d be worth the money to translate it into English. Any solution to Taiwan’s eternal problem of being blackballed out of the international loop must include letting the outside world know more about Taiwan’s real status quo. This encyclopedia, being Web based, is a perfect opportunity to do just that. So why am I not surprised to find the opportunity is missed? Hell, the last time I passed through CKS airport (when will they rename that?) there was hardly any English language tourist literature to be found. Strange.

Anyway, I guess it’s great that the kids have another tool to help them do their homework. It’s probably even got the full story on 2-28 and stuff in it. I’m just jealous. I wish it were available in English.

  • I just read the rest of the Taiwan News story. An English version is planned. It’s also like Wikipedia. Anyone can add to it.