A new SCAM has reached Taiwan

This doesn’t have anything to do with legal matter pertaining to Taiwan. However, since a SCAM is generally considered illegal I thought I’d just bring this to the attention of the community.

I recently met a guy from Switzerland in a 5-star Hotel on Nanjing E Rd. Sec 5. He actually holds 2 passports. The other is a Liberian Passport. Additionally, he has a Diplomatic Passport from Liberia and his business card states that he is a “Vice Consul”.

He tells this wonderful story about being involved with the UN. His mission is to research and recover boxes containing US Treasury Bonds and other valuables that were sent to China/Asia back in 1934 to support Chiang Kai-Shek and his generals. These boxes have been buried all over Taiwan and China in caves.

You can learn more about these scams at:


While it hasn’t gotten to that point… I expect at some point he will try to enlist my help to recover some box or help transfer the money or something along those lines… But there will be some hitch and I will need to provide some cash to make the transaction happen and I will earn a commission.

I’ve gotten emails from Nigeria about their scams…but this is the first time I actually encoutered anyone with these tall tails.

So, everyone be warned. Make sure all of your freinds know this.

Frankly, if I knew where to send an email or message to an anonymous Police tip line I would do it. This person has been seen in the company of some locals that, for lack of a better description, seemed to be gangsters.

Slow your horses… talk about jumping guns here.

He didn’t ask you for anything or did he? He could be some loonie singing his tune. Hell it’s always in the papers about some dumb twit who’s digging for gold here. Its kinda like a hobby thing here. So relax. Or you’ve something against liberians? or diplomats? :laughing:

Besides if someone does fall for that crap, I’d highly recommend that they go and drill a hole in their foreheads so someone can fuck a clue in them.

You need to change the title of this thread to “A potential scam has maybe reached Taiwan…” He’s asked for nothing, so there’s no scam - yet.

He’s made some outrageous claims, but so what? Most men claim to pack at least 6 inches, but there’s no laws broken there, are there? Wait for him to ask for money before you cry wolf.

So have I. So has the government, police force, city council as well as the Nantou Womens’ Tai Qi Quan Association. :unamused: :unamused:

Ooooh - Gangsters! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

As I understand it he did ask for something: money to help doing the transfer (or was the second part an assumption, too?).
That said I have nothing against African but it is well known that a lot of them carry our scams all over Asia and unfortunate as it is a lot of people fall for it.
Thus I would practice caution or in fact try to avoid anyone who offers a deal to good to be true.