A new way to pray (body language)

This just blew my mind, and am wondering if anyone else has ever heard or seen this. The New York Times online today tells of new alternative churches in USA and Canada where a new way of praying is becoming popular. I will quote the photo:

“Solomon’s Porch member Jacob Nelson prays by placing one hand to his temple and the other on his heart. Many emerging churches have revived orthodox or medieval methods of prayer and meditation.”

You must see the photo to see this.


They place one hand on their heart and the other to the temple of the head, and this is replacing the traditional way of folded hands. Jeez, and I thought we had seen everything, and now this.

Anyone ever seen this before. I rather like it. Kind of like contemplation. A new kind of spirituality is born.

If anyone can post a photo of this, please do. I expect lots of comments. This is the most interesting thing to have happened …in a long long time.! I love it: a new way to pray! Who would have ever thought? It’'s like from a Star Trek episode or something. Revolutionary!

Who invented or created this new way of praying, or is it an old way, from MidEvil Ages? I know, spelling!