A North Korea thread


Message to China that the US still a player?

Putin putting his chips for… something?

NK had a big boo boo with the bomb?

Can’t wait for next chapter…


After watching Sky News Reports on N. Korea. The Reporter stated , in her opinion the recent movement was nothing to do with Trump.
Lord Owen the ex Foreign Secretary, who is no Trump supporter, then replied, "It is exactly because Trump turned up the pressure and means it , that got the result. He also said that he could not understand why the USA could not support the White House and he thought foreign US policy was having positive results.
Sky reporter said …now that KjI has his bomb, he has achieved what he wanted , so that is maybe why he wants to talk.:open_mouth:


He didn’t praise obomo? What a racist…


I’m cautiously optimistic on this. Good news, but a long way to go before this crosses the finish line.


I also hope, but with the caveat that It will , sadly, make little difference to the population of N. Korea.


Well Trump’s style at least in the first round is let the other side put everything they want without directly confronting them and not pushing too hard, at that stage . Trump wants a nuclear free N. Korea, he will also want a means to verify.

N.Korea wants the US gone from the south, I imagine a lifting of sanctions too. If Kim Jong Un is serious, there is a path for greater prosperity, which will benefit the people.

Anyone want to bet when the MSM find out what N. Korea want in return for giving up their nukes, they go full blown retard and claim whatever N.Korea wants is totally unacceptable and Trump would be an imbecile to consider such a deal?


A libertarian take. Doug Bandow from the Cato Institute

“Even if a Trump-Kim summit occurs, what rational dictator on Washington’s naughty list would trust the Trump administration and its successors? Every former US president from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama ousted at least one regime not to the US’ liking. Obama even targeted former Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi after the latter negotiated away his nuclear weapons and missiles.”


Refresh my memory: when did Libya have nukes?


I would love to see the N.Korea issue resolved, give up the nukes, slowly remove sanctions and allow them to prosper in the same way so many other Asian nations have post WWII.


Better to link a Bloomberg article to avoid people going all “fake news!!1!1”.


The South Korean government’s analysis of the dictator may help, Hill said. “Beyond that, we only have Dennis Rodman to go on.”

:rofl: I can see why some people are terrified of this ride.


They’ll probably give dennis rodman the Nobel for peace, instead of Trump.


Give another one to Obama for all I care, they are only used for useless virtue signalling anyway.


Many things can happen between the proposed meeting time. I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s obviously what South Korea wants. I wonder where they will host the meeting? Little rocket man had his brother poisoned not so long ago, and I wouldn’t put it past NK kill again Putin-style. I really had a good laugh about the Chinese government supporting these talks and kind of taking credit for them. They are the reason NK exists. NK is the buffer between South Korea and China.


Quite right, early days. Plus even in the best case scenario, I believe we will be still left with Kim Jong Un who will still be considered a tyrant (rightly so), no chance of democrat elections and their allegiance will still be to Russia and China. Topics like unification will be off the table.

Plus, just because they say they will denuclearize, we have every reason not to believe them.

The only way this works IMO is if China and Russia don’t feel there is a push to change the geopolitical status quo, and in that regard I think much has been going on behind the scenes, what we see is just the tip of the iceberg.


I hear they’re useful if you want to qualify as a special foreigner in Taiwan.


Really? I thought you were suggesting winning the Nobel Peace prize would give a foreigner a path to citizenship. On second reading apparently it qualifies me to be a “special foreigner” whatever that means. Wouldn’t want to make the path too easy for foreign nationals in Taiwan.


I actually feel like trump and Kim jung un would get along better. And not the fake political way with the fake smiles on camera and handshakes to show everyone how they get alone. I actually think they would actually like each other and be friends vs a politician going in.

Also Dennis Rodman got more done for US NK relations than I think anyone gives him credit for. I honestly don’t think this would be possible without his trips to NK and meeting with Kim. They genuinely seemed to like each other and I think it opened up more to US NK relations than anything else I can think of.



Sadly, everyone seemed to put what South Korea wants on the back of the lists. This is still Korea, the North Koreans are our brothers and sisters and we don’t want another war with each other. I get annoyed with the media posting about the brave GIs of America stationed in South Korea. Do they forget, South Korean men of age would all basically have to fight? My family and friends owner there, some of them are even conscripts now.