A North Korea thread


Sure, but Scott Adams is alt-right, didn’t you get the memo?



The culture war is more entertaining than anything on TV at the moment.


I did, they write the headlines not even realizing the irony of what they are saying about the racist alt right, with Vladimar Putin as their head and hateful symbols like green frogs.


WaPo has truly become a husk of its former self. What an embarrassment. It’s like something you’d read on BuzzFeed or HuffPo.


In other news, Taiwanese quite concerned with these developments. They say that this means US is losing its grip and China is gaining power in the region.

Also, following these news in Arirang Tv, they did bring up that China should have or shouldn’t have also signed the armistice. The PLA volunteers was disbanded and the general that signed it purged during the cultural revolution. Fascinating.


Kim ran out of gas! He got a flat tire! He didn’t have change for cab fare! He lost his tux at the cleaners! He locked his keys in the car! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole his car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN’T TRUMP’S DOING, I SWEAR TO GOD!

In other news:

The article is from The Telegraph, this is a way to bypass the paywall. Those racist brits claiming obomo didn’t deserve a noble prize for having done nothing…shame on them.


I saw a headline, Trump is ignoring Korea to focus on Comey.

Delusional to those that have followed how we got to this point, which is a good sign but not nearly out of the woods yet.


What if Donnie ignoring Korea is a good thing? You know, like Gary ignoring Syria? :ponder:


I’ve already dissected a Scott Adams rant to show how he also suffers from bias. I remain a fan, but I don’t see him as a great authority on the subject.

If I make a joke about :poop:hole vs. :poop:house, to me it doesn’t matter (for humor purposes) whether Donnie really is or isn’t racist deep down inside. It’s still funny, as it would be if (say) Barry or Bill or W or Justin or any other leader of any significance said it. What annoys me is that there’s this climate now of you’re only saying that because you want people to believe X which means you suffer from cognitive dissonance so here read this scientific explanation of what’s wrong with your brain! Baby steps towards lèse majesté. :crown:

Keep it up long enough, and I’ll start yearning for a “safe space” for Trump jokes. :roll:

(Of course, it does matter whether he’s racist or not – and whether he’s trying to persuade some people that he is while trying to persuade others that he isn’t. The :poop: scandal is just one piece of the puzzle, but not a piece to be discarded.)


Korean leaders agreed to end a 68-year-old war today

Leaders of the two Koreas have agreed to end the Korean War — 65 years after hostilities ceased — in a wide-ranging joint announcement struck Friday.

The Koreas went to war in 1950 when soldiers from the North Korean People’s Army invaded the South.

The armed conflict ended three years later in 1953, with the signing of an armistice agreement, but no formal peace treaty was ever signed, and technically, the Peninsula remained at war.


Another glorious day for the forces of peace!
:grinning: :peace_symbol: :rainbow:

Ouch! Are Americans going to take that snub lying down? :trollface:

In other news, Rowland was observed muttering something unintelligible. :rant:


xi can repeat this move the korean leaders did with taiwan. until then he deserves no credit and can do one.


Of course, I can see his bias too, the topic however is one that interests me.

Well, I was attempting to make it less about your comments by drawing an analogy with BLM.

Kind of the point I’m making. People are drawn to certain circles, on Reddit for example there is /r/the_donald, everyone posting only pro Trump messages and as a consequence half the stuff that gets posted is seriously nuts. They keep egging each other on to be just that bit more crazy than the last person and before you know it they are claiming there is a video of Hillary Clinton pealing off the face of a child in the basement of a pizza shop. The anti Trump forum there is /r/politics, which come out with just as nutty theories of their own. Problem is when you step out of that bubble and share your thoughts with everyone else, they are likely to be greeted with many black stares.

The converse is true as well, if I were to post in /r/the_donald that I thought his appearance on the morning talk show the other day seemed unhinged and he was babbling away so much it amounted to verbal diarrhea I would be down voted to oblivion, even though I think that’s a pretty accurate description of his appearance.


No one seems to remember that they held two mostly identical meetings in 2000 and 2007, co-signed two mostly identical declarations, and they didn’t go anywhere at all. They agreed to end the Korean War in 2007, 11 years later they are agreeing to end the war again. I guess in the 2020s they will agree to end the war finally, and in the 2030s they will say this time we are serious.

It’s typical North Korean tactics. In a few months (or maybe by this time next year if we’re being optimistic) DPRK will make the deadlines again on another missile test or nuclear thingy. Mark my words.


Don’t worry, maybe next time it happens there will be a president of the Us from the dems, so people will claim it to be the ultimate declaration of ultimate peace, achievable only thanks to the guide of an enlightened world leader.


When even CNN starts to mention this…


They never will, and the Nobel Committee will never give trump jack shit.

Also, don’t celebrate too early, the North still needs to give up nukes, they need to submit to verification and in terms of peace need to sign a peace treaty. There’s a way’s to go, positive signs for sure, just keep the part of you that is skeptical alive.


If this whole thing works out, they should revoke Obama’s Nobel and give it to Trump. And they should make Obama hand it to him personally. :sunglasses:


My guess is:

They will actually achieve peace and the Nobel thingy will be split between Kim and the Moon guy. Giving it to Trump: 3 edgy 5 them.


Was that 2 edgy 4 them? I see what you did there :grinning: