A North Korea thread


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The previous two summits were in the North, whereas this time they met in the South, fwiw.


And? What makes you think that’d make any difference?



It’s not like Trump planned for this to happen. He was just spontaneously reacting and luck is on his side.

That’s like if I yelled at a waitress for being the worst I’ve ever seen, she quits, buys a lotto ticket, and becomes a millionaire. Next thing I know, I’m on the front cover of Time magazine.


Sure, it’s just a coincidence. It was actually the sister of Kim who has done everything. Trump dindu nothing.


The South Korean president would seem to disagree. I think he’s a bit more dialed in on the situation than you are.



We’re all being fooled bu Pootin!

By the way, not many mentions of the latest developments of the “MAH RUSSIA” nonsense, I wonder why…


Sounds like something I would say to my boss so he doesn’t hate me. Or so someone wouldn’t consider nuking them with fire and fury.


Back in September of last year, those of us who thought Trump had a strategy were posting back then that he would target Russia and China economically, geo-politically and militarily, we are not yet at the point of reaching a formal treaty nor denuclearization, but we are not surprised at the unfolding events.

In fact those of us that thought Trump was sincere to run, were not surprised, we were not surprised when there was no contested convention, nor surprised he beat Hillary Clinton. We are also not surprised at the medias absolute contempt for him, nor the anti Trump vitriolic rhetoric coming from the Democrats and many in his own party that seem to be gunning for him. Not surprised either that the intelligence community DOJ/FBI/CIA and the heads set up a plan to take him down once elected and are still trying.

How has been your level of being surprised been over the past 2 years?


My surprise that so many people could support someone supporting hate, racism and toxicity is very supporting, indeed, along with having 0 regards for our future children for keeping the environment clean and safe. Had no idea more than half the country could think this way, mostly for a few bucks saved on taxes.


Exactly. I wouldn’t get too happy yet


The environment hasn’t benefited from having Trump as president, he has a goal (perhaps even achieved already) of energy independence for the USA. Which means the geopolitics of energy in Syria and other neighboring countries becomes a moot point. I don’t like things like fracking, but I like wars even less.

As for the hate, I see it coming from the left in spades. Everything is racist, sexist, misogynist, especially people who disagree with them. If its a topic centered close to their core beliefs, that’s likely to lead to an angry mob hurling bricks and hitting people over the head with bike locks, all the while calling them Nazi’s.


The “fire and fury” rhetoric was directed at the North, not the South. Need to get your directions straight. And don’t you think it’s a little insulting not giving the ROK president any agency?


You left out homophobia, islamophobia, nazism and Russia! It’s current year, gotta use the whole load of regressive talk if you want to be taken seriously.


He doesn’t have to now because you did. Thanks for adding that!



I’m cautiously optimistic. China doesn’t want North and South reunified. North Korea is a buffer to keeping USA at bay.


Im a firm believer that the Koreans need to sort this out amongst themselves first. Let’s see where it goes.

We have to remember though that North Korea is hiding some terrible secrets. They are rumoured to have generations of families locked up in labour camps.


Time is the one constant in all of this that is lost. Much as Trump rags on his predecessors, now is the the right time.

Previously, South Korea always stepped in when the threat of conflict was raised. Previously there was no threat to the USA so team America deferred.

This time with N.K. threatening the US with ICBM’s, S.K.'s concerns were overridden.

I also think N.K. wanted out of what they might have considered a hostage situation, where they relied on China and Russia for everything, but all they were to them was a strategic pawn.