A North Korea thread


Ha! Go get your own #*!@$ beer, Rollo! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As always looking for the deal: building hotels and casinos in NK


Reporters are easily confused. Not much difference between J-school and special ed.


The current narrative is that The Donald is a sucker who’s giving away the store. Here’s a reminder of what the previous narrative was:

Ronald Ray Gun, Mark II goes up against another Death Star.


Speaking of changing narratives, the new & improved Rowland is anti-war! :peace_symbol: :unicorn: :smile:


I can see why they were confused, it’s like some shit you would see on a religious propaganda channel.


That’s like being anti-gravity.

Now, working antigravity would be way cool, but right now we’re stuck in the real world.


Foolish earthlings! :smile: :flying_saucer:


This is one of those things where if you make a big deal out of it, it will be no big deal, but if you shrug it off, it will become a big deal.

The details here damage several narratives.

And having a crater where that plant used to be could give Kim reason to think twice.

If we do it right, he won’t even be sure it was us. Rocket plants go boom all the time.




Gotta watch these bastards like a hawk.