A North Korea thread


Ha! Go get your own #*!@$ beer, Rollo! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As always looking for the deal: building hotels and casinos in NK


Reporters are easily confused. Not much difference between J-school and special ed.


The current narrative is that The Donald is a sucker who’s giving away the store. Here’s a reminder of what the previous narrative was:

Ronald Ray Gun, Mark II goes up against another Death Star.


Speaking of changing narratives, the new & improved Rowland is anti-war! :peace_symbol: :unicorn: :smile:


I can see why they were confused, it’s like some shit you would see on a religious propaganda channel.


That’s like being anti-gravity.

Now, working antigravity would be way cool, but right now we’re stuck in the real world.


Foolish earthlings! :smile: :flying_saucer: