A novel way to take on corruption

China enjoys anti-corruption game

Gaming is increasingly popular among China’s youth
An online game in China that allows players to eradicate corrupt officials has proved so popular its website has crashed, state media reports.

Since its launch eight days ago, the game, “Incorruptible Fighter”, is reported to have been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

The game was devised by a regional government in east China to highlight the problems of corrupt officialdom. [/quote]
Just wait until Chinese programmers start hacking the game. I wonder how long it’ll stay up after that? :laughing:

Doesn’t China just execute its corrupt officials?

Not the ones at the top. Difficult to execute yourself anyhow.

Especially when the left hand cares not what the right hand does.
And vice versa.
Only when boundaries are crossed, kickbacks not met, or politrickage, do they make an example.