A Palm PDA vs. Pocket PC PDA

A Palm PDA vs. Pocket PC PDA what’s better?

  • Palm
  • Pocket PC

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I’m full of questions lately. When making your vote consider the following:

  1. Will use bluetooth to post on segue from MRT bathroom.
  2. Games, games and more games.
  3. Chinese Dictionary
  4. Price vs function
  5. Anything else you can think of.

I’m looking at the Tungsten-T and HP3870. Should I be looking at/waiting for others?

Heard nothing but evil about PocketPC. Very buggy and badly built.

Avoid like the plague.

I am using a Pocket PC from last 1 1/2 years, had palm before that.
PPC had problems in there Pocket PC 2000 edition but PPC 2002 is stable and clean.
The only problem is battery life last max for 10 hours, palm scores better in that dept.
Games PPC games are better good graphics and audio.

microsoft vs. not microsoft

more than that, which is better, Linux on IPAQ has been done but whats the use… no PIM no games no MP3 player the list is loooong.

When buying a PDA it is better to go for which does a better job then M$ vs not M$

I still vote for PPC than palm

Sony’s Clie is the best selling PDA on the market right now. Its got the Palm OS. Very sexy.

I know, I know.
But I asked about how much the blue tooth card for it was and I was told 6300 :frowning: . If I can get my hands on the bluetooth card at a better price, I might consider it. I was also thinking about getting an older clie.

Have you seen the the new Palm OS PDA from Palm? I was waiting for it. Waiting for it so patiently. Finally a Palm OS device that is color and with BLUETOOTH and a mini-plug headphone jack!! so I can sync with my PowerBook and cell phone without carrying cables!! And perhaps listen to MP3s with the exapansion MultiMedia Card.


I think it is the first model to use Palm OS 5.0 since Palm is fianlly moving over to ARM processors that the Windows PocketPC platform uses. They are three to five times as fast and could be capable of simple video and audio now. I think Palm has always used the lower-powered Mototorola Dragonballs. Its feature set could supplant the Sony Clie. I guess, however, that it will be a power-hog, just like PocketPC machines.

Just bought a Clie PEG650, with MP3 support.

Yes, very sexy and I like it a lot. However:

Hangs up regularly when transferring data to/from memory stick. Only option is to reset both PDA and desktop. Hot syncs are generally OK.

Battery life when playing music is a couple of hours only.

Memory sticks are expensive: I was told 2700 for 128Mb

Can’t get either mail prog to synchronize with Netscape, even though it’s listed as an option somewhere.

On balance I’ll keep it, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

I’m almost ready to make me purchase now. The Tungsten T (TT) just recently came out in Taiwan and I’m about ready to buy one. I just have a few more quetions I’d like to ask.

Does anyone have a map of Taiwan/Taipei on their palm?

What dictionary do you use or would you recommend (Chinese-English and English-Chinese). If Dr. Eye is the best availible I’ll just go with that (if it’s compatible with OS 5).

To answer jeremys question, yes, it can do video and sound. Check THIS out. I couldn’t find it, but I was reading a thread on www.palminfocenter.com that discussed putting full length movies on the TT. A little too serious for me, but pretty cool.

Just be aware that not all of your former programs will work with Palm 5.0. From my understanding, the Tungsten is the first to use Palm 5.0. It is necessary since it uses the new ARM-based processors that PocketPC uses. I hear some programs do work fine, but just don’t get your hopes up if you have a whole battery of old Palm software.

I dunno…it’s fine to get excited about a faster processor, but unless you’re going to use your Palm to listen to music (and I personally prefer to use a device built for that purpose, because usually that just works better), I’ve never had any problem with my processor speed being too slow for other apps.

There’s been some discussion about the new OS 5.0 on my developers’ group, but I haven’t had time to catch up on it lately. Maybe this weekend…

Of course, if you really want Bluetooth, it might be worthwhile. Just remember that I can’t yet guarantee that any of my fine apps, such as “TeaHouse” or “Maitre’D” or the venerable “ChiNums”, will run on 5.0…(not that THAT would influence you THAT much! :wink: )

I haven’t been palmin’ it for a long time so there isn’t any old software I’ll miss. I mostly like it for its coolness factor, the speed, bluetooth and screen. For what I’ll really use it for I could buy the palm IIIe for like 3,000 NT. I’m a person that will spent hours tweeking simpsons epidoes to run nice on it and actually use the bluetooth with me phone to get online.

ironlady (iron sure is spelled funny, shouldn’t it be eyern or something :? ), I thought you’d be able to answer the dictionary question. What do/would you use for translation? Even if it’s not compatible with OS 5, I’m wondering if there’s a really nice dictionary for palm.

I’ll let you know if Teahouse is 5.0 compatible :wink:

miltownkid: What phone do you use with your Palm?

I haven’t bought the palm yet, but I’ll be using the t68i. Shouldn’t be a problem (I hope).

Ok got the phone and the palm, but can’t connect to the net :frowning: , I’m gonna save that issue for the weekend. The TT came with a chinese language input thingy I can download and install, before I did anything I wanted to know if this is the one I should go with. With what I can make out on the webpage it does have pinyin input, but that’s ok I’ll do the buh puh muh…

Should I just install this one? [CLICK HERE]

When I get that installed I’ll test out teaSHOP (not house) for you ironlady.

I did download kinoma and a short movie clip (crouching tiger). It played off the sd card rather well.

Sorry missed the dictionary question.

I have the Oxford English<>Chinese, which is OK for general purposes but is definitely far short of what a professional translator would demand for translation purposes. There isn’t anything out there yet that I’m aware of either for PDA or on CD-ROM that is sufficient in the English<>Chinese combination (if there is, for heaven’t sake let me know! I mean a big, serious dictionary for professional translation like the Shanghai Jiaotong C>E or similar.)

Far East is working on a new dictionary for PDA, interface on the beta is very nice, but haven’t seen the content so cannot comment. Don’t know when it’s planned for release either. It probably won’t differ much from the Oxford above, I would guess.

Everyone told me doctor eye was hands down the best.

Best for what? Can’t see much use for it in serious translation…maybe for casual “get the drift of it” stuff it might be of some help, but :unamused: :shock:

Anyway, they don’t have a Palm OS version, do they??

An older version one yes. I think for 3.something, I’m too lazy to check right now.