A partner with TEFL only?

Hi my partner will be meeting me in Taiwan, soon after I arrive in possibly in March. Not only will that be a terrible time to find work but he doesn’t have a degree, and would never forge a degree…He has two years of university and will bring his transcripts, letters of reference, and will have taken a TEFL course that promises employment in many countries. What is he up against??? Is there really a point in him joining me? What about other job opportunities…


I expect some criticism on my Grammer and spelling, some of you can be so dam harsh…Unfortunatley typing has made me lazy not to mention it is 3 am in the morning…

a under graduate degree is a mimimum for teaching and for a company job you need a degree and 2 years post degree experience that is relevant to the job

There are other combinations also

like no degree and 8 years experience
PhD and no experience
Masters and one year experience

And damn is spelled with an “n” unless you’re talking bloodstock.

Sorry! Happy New Year to you :wink: .

Here in Chiayi it seems that you can get an ARC if you have either:

an undergraduate degree


2 year diploma and TEFL

These seem to be the rules for this County (and also Kaohsiung). I know this as my friend has a diploma and TEFL and has had no problems at all getting her ARC. I also see many jobs advertised with the same criteria.

Don’t worry about your spelling or grammar because if you are only teaching kids it doesn’t matter.

Andy (Ex-Dong Yang Resident, near the M-Mart)

The general rule is a degree or 2 years from an approved college and a TEFL. Finding out exactly whether this would make your bf qualify would be tricky though. Only way would be to try.