A perma-pox on Hong Kong

Couldn’t have happened to a better chap.

He’ll not be back in Honkers any time soon… :laughing:

I thought that any kind of PE was good PR?

Surely the lasses poked by said current fugitive are still active on what passes of as an entertainment scene in Honkers?

I refer you back to the thread title.

HK is schizo as it comes. On one hand you have whole districts filled with whores, and every 15 minutes there are trainloads of HK blokes roaring to Shenzhen to shag the luckless lasses from inner China, but yet, the indecency laws here are brutal, and the prudishness of the people means even some poor up and coming singer lass that got snapped (unknowingly) with her babs out in a change room was deemed a slut unworthy of the public’s money. Career dead.

Canto pop, it’s a crap factory, and there’s plenty of clods to fill the boots of those so hastily departed.


OMG, the worst of Chinese morality coupled in an unholy copulation with the worst of British.

Poor honkers.

Here in Taiwan it’s a way of furthering ones career.

The 'wan as Shangri-La. What a concept. Oh, wait, that’s what SatTV says all the time. Must be the 高山茶.

That’s good stuff! It’s a pretty grim place, but I miss it a lot. Maybe that’s just me, though, and liking that ‘end of the earth’ feeling. Oh, I miss Taiwan.

HGC, I see your curse on HK is working:

The disease prevention unit in HK should burn some ghost money with some sour cream while listening to Canto pop. Perhaps that would reverse the trend.

Geez, not really what I had in mind, but I’m willing to bet that the vast bulk of those infections involved transactions between blokes that like to have sex with other blokes, but certainly aren’t gay in any way shape or form, and almost invariably these occurred in Shenzhen, Shekou or Zhuhai.

Actually the latter should be a concern for taiwan living people, as Zhuhai is the R&R town and major point of entry for Taiwanese business blokes in and out of China. There be bin lang, Taiwan beer, and hordes of nasty hoes.


Dude got 8.5 months. :laughing:

That chappy worked in an Apple store in Central. I recently took a Macbook in for repairs at another store in Central and asked them not to post my collected pics of HK starlet sex romps and “specialist children photography” on the internet. The guy in the shop was adamant they wouldn’t do anything so unprofessional. So, umm, Gary Glitter, next time . . .


I think Edison Chen should be jailed for his choice of English name.

I agree. Tesla would have been a cooler choice.

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Hey dont blame me. Alishan doesnt have all these tramps roaming around except on weekends when the toruists come a flocking up the hills.

Oh dear, I’m actually starting to like HK. That’s pretty extraordinary given my recent circumstances.

I’m doing muay Thai classes with a school that’s almost entirely populated by Cantos, and short ones at that. Mind you, I do have the old bugger’s card up my sleeve. I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m going to tell them to stop giving instructions in English, as I reckon I can figure out the Canto. I won’t eat their food, though.

In hindsight, and to date, the most obnoxious people I’ve met here in HK are English toffs. I can see why Karl Marx thought England would be the best place to kick off a class war.


Oh lord. Is it still like that, so long after the handover? One of the reasons I left HK back in '88 was the godawful Hooray Henry types in literally every pub and bar there. :fume:

Well, are you British? That would explain things, because mass transit in London always smelled like piss for some reason.

As far as Cantonese food goes it’s nowhere near half as bad as the garbage the English scrounge up.

I haven’t been to Hong Kong yet, but I know a lot of people who live there (non-Cantonese) who love the food, there are a lot of good non-Cantonese places there.

I’d heard that term Hooray Henry before, but never realised just how fitting it really is. They’re still here, though in lesser numbers, so I’m told. Not all are wankers, mind you, but crikey, there are an awful lot still flying the flag for some perceived lost paradise. Socially, they’re easy to deal with - walk away. It’s when you meet them in some official setting and you just have to stump it that the pain hits ya.

I could probably sum this all up with a quote from a song that would betray the fact I’m not English.
“Don’t criticise what you don’t understand, if you think I’m talking shit you don’t belong in this land.” :laughing:
If that’s not clear enough, I’m what some might unkindly refer to as a pommie reject.

There is good food here, don’t get me wrong, but I was talking specifically about the Chinese stuff, which is utter slop. As for English food, perhaps you were last there when they were still on post-war rations? You may recall that the English, and their assorted minions, were involved in that last world wide squabble for quite a lot longer than those that are now more famous for fighting it, and having re-written its history at every opportunity. This left the collective larder rather bare. They have Jamie Oliver, now.


I know it’s off topic, but I have been happy with the food every time I go to the UK.

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