A person whose mom is a ROC's citizen can apply for citizen?

Dear all,

I need help please. Did anyone know information on my topic?

I was married Taiwanese. I just got divorced recently. I have a ARC based on my marriage it will expire on March 2005. The child custody is given to me. I am wondering can I apply for ROC citizenship. Where to apply or how can I apply. Did I need to change my ARC to update my new status :help: .

Thank you…

Please provide more details on your nationality, child’s nationality, current work status, (have work permit?), age, number of years in Taiwan, etc.

I have been in TW for 2 years now. I am a Canadian female. My daughter, 3 years old, has a dual citizenship since her father is Taiwanese. I do not have a work permit because before when I went to apply for work permit they said since I am married to Taiwanese I do not need to get one.

Now I am divorced. I will like to stay here to keep continuing my jobs. I am English teacher.

Please anyone give me advices on what to do. I just got divorced last week.

Many thanks.

I assume that you have a college/university degree.

Since you are now single, it is imperative that your school (or language center) apply for your work permit right away.

After you are granted the work permit, you can take that to have your ARC status updated.