A phone book, or online phone book for Taipei?

One of my best friends in Taipei, Taiwan kind of randomly disappeared. I’m worried about him and have been trying desperately to see if there’s a way to find phone numbers in Taiwan. Something like a phone book or anything we have here in the states? I have his full name in Chinese and I know he’s in Taipei. I’ve searched and asked many places but nobody has been able to really help, and one person directed me to these forumes to give it a shot.

So my question is, is it possible to find people in Taipei with just a name and city? If so, how and where could I do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

You could post his name here, and if anyone knows him, they could PM you to ask your name and contact info – then they could pass that along to him, and if he wants to be in touch, he could then contact you. :idunno:

You could also Google his name. Sometimes that actually brings up contact info.

Dial 106

Ups, I just noticed you are not in Taiwan, are you? Any friends here that could help?

His name is 蕭穎嵐, and I know he’s in Taipei. I don’t have many other Taiwanese friends, and outside of the internet, he doesn’t have a way to contact me. If anyone could help, it would be very much appreciated. I’ve been searching for about 2 months now for anyway to find a phone number or get help. His father was extremely sick, and I’m worried about him very much. Thank you!

Someone by that name won a prize from an on-line bookseller last January. (Click here and scroll down to the yellow highlight.)

Bigger for legibility:

Xiao Yinglan or Hsiao Ying-lan oir Hsiao Ing-lan etc.

I found one in Hong Kong but it’s a girl.

Can you give us any more information…English name, nickname, interests, job, education…anything?

He doesn’t have an english name. He doesn’t really have a job, he stayed home to watch over his dad, while his brother worked, because they couldn’t afford to leave him in a nursing home. I’ve known him now for very close to 5 years and he’s never really just disappeared like this. His interests would really just be online games, some anime and TV, from being stuck at home most of the time except to buy food and take his dad to the doctor. I don’t remember his brother’s first name, and I’m sure something like that would have helped to remember.><

Again, thank you all so much for the help so far.

Edit: I forgot to mention when I asked him how he pronounced his name, it was Xiao Yinglan.