A pint whilst watchin the match....?

I’m coming to Taiwan in a few weeks and although I will integrate and “go local” as much as poss, I do feel that I’ll miss having a pint and watching the footy (premiership only) without paying a squillion NT for a half. Any places in Taipei that cater for my Scouse taste?
many thanx.

There are 2 places that instantly spring to mind.
a) DV8 - guaranteed Premier friendly
b) Saints and Sinners - sport de jour shown

They run adds in the weekend supplement of the fine quality English language newspapers - so finding them once you’re here won’t be a problem.
The matches are shown from a Thai satelite TV channel - but have english commentary.
Pints - while not cheap - are at the lower end of the Taipei price scale. ~NT$150/180 for a can/pint of Boddy’s. The atmosphere is better in DV8 for watching games - however seeing as you’re only 19 I strongly recommend you go to S&S as I don’t want to be held responsible for your liver turning to a mass of scar tissue from the tequila shots in DV8. :wink:

BKH is right. DV8 may just appeal, and you can find a few other scousers propping up the bar watching footy.
Saints is a drag…

thanks very much for the help!! much appreciated!