A place that sells used or cheaper PHS phones?

I went to the PHS store, and short of signing a 2 year contract, I will have to pay a massively inflated price if I want to pay for the phone outright with no contract.

Is there any stores anyone knows in Kaohsiung that sells cheaper phones outright (PHS specifically) or used ones?


Wait a minute…

You are a foreigner, right?

You were actually going to sign a contract? I can’t believe my eyes. Those papafritas have rejected my application for years. Have they changed their policy? That’s good news.

As to where to find second hand, Yahoo Kimo is your friend. That’s where I found the battery charger for mine -they do not sell it anymore at PHS stores- and they may have some phones available. However, I foresee ther could be some problems with activation, but don’t quote me on that.