A place to repair the zipper on my coat

I need to find a place that can repair the zipper on my rain coat. The stitching has become detached in a couple of places and the YKK zipper head has fallen off.

(funny note: I thought all my zippers would stop functioning when the year 2000 began.)

have you tried going to a tailor? not that expensive.

I also need to find a tailor/seamstress or other clothing repair shop. The zipper on my dress is destroyed and I need to replace it. Someone PLEASE suggest a cheap place that isn’t really far (aka in Tienmu or Danshui)! Thanks.

Most neighborhoods will have a few people who take in sewing. You just have to ask around.

cheap non-english speaking tailor in danshui

Driving/Walking Directions
Link: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=博愛路51巷&daddr=博愛街&geocode=FXoJgAEdth49Bw%3BFQkOgAEdBiA9Bw&hl=en&mra=ls&sll=25.169159,121.446412&sspn=0.002559,0.004109&ie=UTF8&ll=25.168834,121.446412&spn=0.002559,0.004109&z=18

Arrive at: 博愛街

direction from danshui mrt station

it’s right next to the cheap non-english speaking gym

Sorry, forgot to add that I live in Gongguan, near National Taiwan University. Some tailor/seamstress nearby would be great.