A-Plus Sake Bar

Theres no thread on this place so far so I thought I would start one, Anyways went there a few nights ago with friends for dinner after reading about the place on various blogs. When we got there the place was semi packed, ambience was nice and overall just a nice looking restaurant, almost like a less lounge club looking Dozo. We ordered about 10 things since we had a few people. So first of all the food, which for me is most important, The menu itself looked pretty impressive, im a sucker for fusion food so I was really happy looking at all the options, the owner was really nice too as she came to our table and reccomended some of there more “popular” dishes. I was really happy to see all the rolls! just like back home, the rolls its self were"ok" and I mean like a 5/6 outta 10. The nigri was a very traditional dish that well just didn’t well at all. I’ve eaten at alot of the highend japanese places in the US, Japan, and Canada and all of them push on 1 priciple, freshness, and none of the nigiri was fresh, well i mean not at the “freshest point”. The other dish that was a disspointment was the softshell crab salad, the crab was soggy and it should have been a little crispy, and I didn’t understand the mayo sauce :s the mayo itself was heavy so I mean u mask the crab in the first place, but since the crab had no flavor it didnt really mask anything so pretty much it was a soggy mayo thing? On a brighter note however there were a few things that were pretty good, the DIY Spicy Tuna Tartar that was memeorable it was served on a potato fritter, the idea itself is pretty good full of flavor and the potato fritter was crispy and hot, texture wise it was great to soft and crispy, hot and cold, to me that was taking tuna tartar and throwing there own ideas in making it really (fusion). The Sashimi salad was good aslo i think it was a poppyseed sauce with it, the only complaint was the Iceberg lettuce which was served with everything. I mean Iceberg is sooooo boring! but all in all the service was excellent, table side presentations added + and even with this review I mean the bill worked out to be only $500~600NT each!! It was cheap, you pay for what you get I geuss, but interms of the price and food + service its pretty worth it. I mean Dozo is probably double the price and the food at Dozo is ok, head to head some dishes had a better impression on me at APlus, ofcourse Dozo is more famous for the whole ambience of the place. I’d say try Aplus if you want a place with nice ambience cheap prices, decent food overall, and good service. Note they said they were changing the menu again so for me I might go back in a month or something. Don’t expect Nobu or Marimoto…but hey at those prices for Aplus can’t completly complain.

Aplus Sake Bar
Anhe Road Sec. 1 #33

Do they still have the Japanese DJ spinning 50s swing and rock? I only went there once, for a going-away party for a classmate, and I was very happy with everything we ordered. It’s a bit out of my price range, so I haven’t been back, but I hope to in the future!