A question about being fired or let go

If you are let go from your job (for no particular reason) why would the school ask you to sign a resignation form?

did a search but couldn’t find anything so sorry if this is a rehash

They need the resignation form to terminate your contract and to cancel your work permit and ARC.

That would be my guess.

If you resign they don’t have to pay you any severance pay. If they fire you for no reason, they do. At least if you’ve been there for over a year.

so is it to your benefit to sign the form even though you haven’t resigned?


read sandmands post. they are trying to fuck you over

oops missed sandman’s post. thanks. that’s what I thought.

Since it’s a school we’re talking about, there’s also the deposit thingy. Did they make you pay a deposit or hold money back as a “bond?” If that’s the case, they might be looking for a way not to give it to you.

no, no deposit. Though there is a clause about a firing/resigning penalty.

But if I understand correctly, the basic drill is get a new job asap, apply for a new work permit and then do arc transfer, yes? can the old school interfere with this process?

Unless they have a very good reason for firing you, you can sue them for breach of contract. Act like you want your job back and consult a lawyer.

no reason given, but just want to move on…too much pettiness

So you’re asking us if you should sign a resignation when there’s a penalty clause in your contract covering this exact scenario?
Sign and they’ll impose a penalty. Don’t sign and they leave themselves open to legal action by you.
Seems pretty obvious to me what your course of action should be.

ya I know, but it’s not me and there have been all the usual assurances of not cancelling, no penalty etc. You’re right, it’s obvious.