A Quick Thread to Commemorate September 11th

Having grown up in the New York area, the Twin Towers were perhaps not the prettiest architectural accomplishment in a Manhattan that sported a Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center, but they were a massive part of the landscape of that time. The shape of the towers was used by WPIX for their Channel 11 logo, and that was the channel with the best afternoon cartoons. Losing the WTC and the thousands of people in it was tantamount perhaps to Taipei suddenly discovering that Yangmingshan had become a volcanic crater.

So, here we are, 7 years later. Southern Manhattan still has only a massive hole in the ground, Osama bin Laden releases more recordings each year than Madonna, the United States is mired in two wars the basic strategy of which was apparently intended as a thorough rejection of the Powell Doctrine, and about the best line of argument the GOP has come up with for the current presidential election is to keep up a whisper campaign that Obama is a “muslim”.

But politics aside, there was a moment when we Americans were all as one, when we shared the fears and concerns of a nation still trying to sort out if more planes or bombs were on the way, whether their friends and family working in the Pentagon, in the Twin Towers and nearby were alive, how we could avoid more attacks, how we could best support our nation at this time. A time when fire and rescue units from all over the U.S. drove through the night to assist the overwhelmed resources of the NYFD, when restaurants sent down everything they could to feed the volunteers, and when much of what makes America good was on display.

See if you can fit into your schedule a little while just to think back to when September 11th wasn’t a catchphrase for politicians but, rather, something real that we all went through. A moment of silence for the victims, a moment of silence for ourselves and our nation.

I’m waiting for j.scholl to post. Those girders were CUT, man! It was a set up. It was all orchestrated by Bush.

I think 9/11 should be turned into the national Jump The Shark Holiday at this point to mark the point at which America finally lost its grip on reality.

Yes… I was at work that 9/11… TV was turned on in our media testing room. People gathered in front of it to see what the hell was going on there in the US. Not a happy day… I just knew shit was going to hit the fan for years to come. And here we are in 2008… Get this… a creationist hockey mom is lined up for (vice) presidentship. A Creationist Hockey Mom… yes that’s what I’m saying… :pray:

To paraphrase Thomas “I’m really rich” Friedman…We should be about 9.12 and 4th of July. 9.11 is a total downer.

I watched the towers fall that faithful day right outside the window while in meetings with my lawyers and I cannot for the life of me figure out how a small vocal group of whiners are blocking the construction of office space in Manhattan for the past 7 years. This is Manhattan for pete sakes, there’s real estate tax and income tax revenue in those missing square footage of commercial space.

This isn’t the suburb where space is like being given away because nobody wants to be there. For example whiny family members of most of those victims are from the suburbs. Get a clue, the victims didn’t even want to be in suburbs, that’s why they worked and partied in the city. So hurry up and break ground. Build something soul-less and without vision. Put something equally unimpressive to be a tourist attraction for 9.11 wannabe. But build some freakin’ office space and collect some tax revenues already.

I am so ready for 9.11 to become a retail sales event. At least something good would come out of it.

I’m also a NY Metro native.

IMHO, like the wall coming down between the 2 Germanies, 9/11/01 will go down as the date to end an era.

Bush (2nd; even his dad was a visionless fool who didn’t realize that it’s idiotic to name your son after yourself and f**k it up …) and his Vice-President’s Presidency (as would the ‘real’ president of the USA please stand up) will mark the beginning of the future for America.

Eventually, 9/11 will mark the fall from grace of the USA - and while Osama, IMO, didn’t predict that, he’ll be the one that did what many others previously had tried to do. To get Uncle Sam to trip over his wildly swinging dick, which he has used for decades to bitch slap the little guy.

Although, what do we know?

It was. Watch “Loose Change”

Ac, my understanding is that the vast majority of the delay has not been from “whining” family members of the dead, but rather from the lease holder of the building at the time of the 9-11 attacks.

I was wondering how long it might be before somebody’d try to call the dead’s family members “whiners” within this thread, but I thought it would be one of the usual Coulterclones.

There is a multitude of reasons for the delay. But make no mistake the “whiners” both politicians and the victims families they’ve co-opted for their ego and time in the spotlight is a major reason for the delays.

So those victims families are all “whiners”? Or are they entitled to strong beliefs, perhaps, given the nature of the attacks and the nature of their loss. Good luck with that.

Sure you can have a strong belief. But don’t go whining about how there shouldn’t be a commercial space of equal or greater square footage at the ground zero location. It is unrealistic that some of the families and politicians were asking for the whole space to become a park.

That’s what Battery Park is for.

The victims family got on average $1.5 million in federal settlement for the lost of their love ones. To hold the entire city’s development project as hostage is unconscionable. The WTC wasn’t a freaking’ holy site. It was a place of commercial interest.

This doesn’t even include those that rejected the federal settlement and pursued lawsuit against everything and everyone involved…what a waste on the court system. Oh yes winning a suit in the US courts against Osama Bin Laden, yes I see, I’m sure the sherrif’s dept will get right on it in collecting those fines from him.

The faster those buildings go up the faster the country will heal and move forward. I’m in total agreement with Thomas Friedman on this issue. We should be July 4th and Sept 12. Focusing on 9-11 only fuels the negatives elements in our society. Building a mythos around something that doesn’t exist.

Ac, that’s a load of crapola. The families objected to one proposed museum, the “International Freedom Center”, and there were some difficulties with getting broad approval among many people for the different designs proposed, but the major delays in construction were from the lessee, Larry Silverstein, famous previously as the developer of the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. Silverstein, who had lease rights over rebuilding, held things up until April 2006 before finally giving a wee bit of control back to Port Authority so that some construction could proceed.

It was a good try mofangongren. Not much commemorating though. Here is a special comment from KO. 9/11(
I know the right doesn’t like Keith, but it’s good for the left. For every Olberman we have, they have had 5 or 6 on their side. Rush, Coulter, Hannity, et al.
Fuck off Republicans!

The Doc wrote: [quote]Fuck off Republicans![/quote]
I too get tired of the Republican black-and-white simplification of complex issues. Nice to see some nuance.


Larry “delays” were due to fact he was trying to sue 24 insurance companies that held policies on the WTC over “one occurance” or “two occurance” issue. He needed those payouts to begin reconstruction. Nobody works for free, no matter how patriotic the project might be. I can forgive this because this is commerce, it is transparent and there is a time frame to reaching a resolution. 9 insurers are found to be liable for the “two occurance” interpretation, well I hope they make a beautiful food court with that money.

Aspects I cannot overlook is NJ gov’t, NY gov’t, and Larry fighting over control of the project. Including some politicians using victims families emotional arguments to fight for control. Because in the end those emotional arguments about the memorial are about egos. Which really has no place if one wants to complete the project quickly.

The reality is the majority of the victims bodies are now namesless trash tossed in Fresh Kill landfill in Staten Island. I agree there should be a memorial. But to allow all those people to whine about how to list the names…alphebetical or next to their collegue…baffles the mind.

I say make it high art, make it tasteful, with vision, and a timeless quality. Let the neophytes whine for like 6 months. Make concessions when needed. But to let them whine and whine year after year about trival matters concerning the memorial aspect of the WTC project is a drain on resources.

Here we are 9 years later after the 9/11 attacks in the United States, and while it’s good that we’ve mostly gotten out of Iraq we still struggle with an Afghanistan war that is only now getting the attention we should have been giving it from the beginning. Between the Phelps church screaming at soldier funerals, the Jones “Dove” church down in Florida trying to endanger our troops, and the RNC chairman making up lies about our troops and why they’re there in Afghanistan, there’s no doubt that our servicemen and women are facing a “perfect storm” of anti-soldier hate from the religious nutsos and the conservative politicians who curry their favor.

But if everyone can set aside their bickering for a moment to commemorate the losses of 9/11, it would be nice to light a candle and think of a time when our nation was unified for a moment in a hope that we could do well and do good in bringing our nation back to peace.

[quote=“almas john”]
The Doc wrote:
Fuck off Republicans!

I too get tired of the Republican black-and-white simplification of complex issues. Nice to see some nuance.[/quote]

Yeah baby!..Thats the Love I’m Talkin’ about! Share the Love Baby!

[quote=“TainanCowboy”][quote=“almas john”]
The Doc wrote:
Fuck off Republicans!

I too get tired of the Republican black-and-white simplification of complex issues. Nice to see some nuance.[/quote]

Yeah baby!..Thats the Love I’m Talkin’ about! Share the Love Baby![/quote]

Given the age of Doc’s comment, this is more like an invitation to necrophilia. :laughing:

I remember what I was doing when I learned that President Kennedy had been assassinated.
I remember what I was doing when I learned that the Challenger had blown up.
I remember what I was doing when I first heard about the attack on the Twin Towers.
Some moments are just burned a little deeper into your memory.

mofangongren - yes, every year.
Thank you.

Starting with that first painful Wednesday evening, with the dozen or so of us who showed up for the first candle light vigil at the mini lady liberty at NYNY next to Warner, we sang…[quote]Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.[/quote]And will keep on singing.

When it happened, everything was so confusing about why it happened, how it happened. But there was no doubt about the unification of hearts and minds to protect our own, and prevent whatever happened from ever happening again.

Now I wonder - even in those earliest days of pain - if there was a referendum to approve of a 10 year war (since it will soon be) against an accused nation regardless of ever finding, capturing or even convicting in absentia the mastermind(s), how would we (Americans) collectively choose to react. War to chase an accused mastermind without solid evidence?

Remembering, even honoring the victims, IMO means remembering that justice is still far off, and continued war support only delays it even more, by simply multiplying the suffering.