A Rainbow Family Gathering to be held in Taiwan in 2018 🌈


Out a lot last two weeks or so lots of events. Screams n toopia n nomad . organik coming


Shaka, when the walls fell


So the rainbow brotherhood whatever gathering… has it been hold already or is it happening any time soon?


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The gathering has now started, just south of Hualien.
Location is there for those who seek the truth.


Until when??


meh, too far.


Runs until mid-May. Could be longer though, if the land-owner is positive. I think I know who that is, and they might be open to something more long-term.




Says who.


Apparently the whole thing is running late, and they only decided a couple of days ago whether to have it in Hualian or Miaoli. Here’s what they are telling people:

To get to the Rainbow Gathering: First go to Hualien. From Taipei, you can take a train directly there ($440TWD) or you can take a “Kamalan” company bus to LonDong Transfer Station and get a local train ($270) From Hualien, go south down Road 11, for 23 kilometers down the coast. You can take a bus from train station on Bus #1127, #1140 or #1147 to stop “Fanshlia” ($105) every 40 minutes, last bus at 20:30. From bus stop you must backtrack for 10 minutes wakking to road 46. Turn west Inland on Road 46 and go 1.8 kilometers. Turn slightly to stay on Road 46. Go another 1.5 kilometers and look for the trailhead. It will be marked by a white rope hanging from a tree, a rock stack, and sticks making an arrow in the ground. Welcome home! We love you!

And here is the FB site:

Apple Daily, you know what to do!


What’s this, the fucking Blair Witch Project?


Still trying to figure out where “Fanshlia” is, and what is meant by “Road 46.”

PS. Not The Blair Witch Project. More like Shyalmalan’s The Village.


Per those directions, seems to be right around here:

Edit: Here’s the bus stop:


Fan Shu Liao. It’s not hard to figure out, given those directions. If you really want to attend, you’ll find the way, and also the effort to hike in 3 kms.

Although why post up the directions and then invoke ‘Apple Daily’ reporting in the same thread?


And the site is not at, nor has anything to do with the Free Jesus Church, that’s just a old missionary church for the local village.


Yeah, I just checked the distance and it seems it will be past that a ways. But it could be a good marker to let you know you’re on the right track, if one were inclined to go.


Somebody mentioned the Apple Daily further up in the thread. Any reason why you wouldn’t want them to come?