A Rainbow Family Gathering to be held in Taiwan in 2018 🌈


indeed. you could interpret passing the church as being on the one true path.


You could…I couldn’t. :wink: But, to each their own.


The Apple Daily would be welcome if they were known for their non-sensationalist reporting. Sadly, I can already picture the tragic effort at journalism that would result from such a visit.


TVBS, then.



What’s with these hippies and their fancy shitpits?
Since when was a Port-a-loo not good enough ?

Hope they brought some bug spray with them (natural oils only).

Most controversial issue from their Facebook page is not allowing folks to bring pets.

Wish Lynn Miles was still alive he would have been down there doing his thing.


Hope this whole thing doesn’t turn into some kind of Lord of the Flies sausage fest. Well, maybe just a little…


This has happened for a number of years already. Given you guys haven’t heard of it yet goes to show how uneventful it all is for those hoping to see a white guy trip balls naked at the 101. This year should have more foreigners coming but probably nothing compared to the gong show in kenting.


So how many people are there? What are the hippies up to now?

Apparently the other site they were considering was Longshan in Miaoli. Interesting choices…




I mean the site choices (and process of choosing them) are interesting. No snark. I recall reading that they chose Hualian over Miaoli because of water issues and/or because they thought it was more beautiful.


Quite interesting and somewhat easy to keep up. People flying in from all over the world. And then hitchhiking. I don’t get that part. It takes more time and money to sit on the side of the road multiple times and buy drinks and food than just go buy a train or bus ticket less then $20.


Losers. You’re supposed to fly in by private jet then demand an electric car from the airport to the venue.


Yes like Burning Man.

I’m considering going, but I don’t know what to do as a first timer. Is it mandatory to hitchhike, or can I just drive my car down?

And I wonder if it’s okay to just pull up to a supermarket and load up the fruits and vegetables and anything or not.

What’s the website?


I’m too considering to go there a weekend. And at this very minute I’m single again (I think) so I might want to check out those bushes.


It seems like you’re supposed to leave your worldly cares and physical possessions behind, but then people ask can someone bring this or someone bring that.

I guess anyone can just show up and be loved as part of the family.


So how much is all this free love going to cost me?


I’m not sure but I heard if you can dig a ditch for a latrine or lead a yoga class or whip up some earrings out of twigs as gifts, then not much other than all the expenses coming and going, and possible subsequent doctor visit and antibiotics.

Exchange something for some food water and psychedelics and you’re good to go.


A couple of visits to the urologist.


That’s cool. It’s about time for a check-up anyway.


Sounds like granola bars from Costco would make good currency for bartering…like cigarettes in prison. :sunglasses: