A Rainbow Family Gathering to be held in Taiwan in 2018 🌈


They want the salt on their food. Naked hippies would need to dance vigorously over each meal to release a sweat shower, and then maybe let the sweat dry up a bit before chowing down. This could mean their food risks the odd shitpit detritus falling in along with the sweat.

They have standards, you know.


You’re making me hungry, dude.


Yeah, just the thought of DEET infused sweat makes me head for the fridge first thing.


I was thinking more patchouli oil.


So, what’s going to happen to the place when the Plum Rains start?


They will lose their natural skin protection.


Note the correct bus stop is Fanshuliao KENG, not Fanshulia or Fanshuliao. If you get off at the latter you will have to walk back.


Have you ever stuck your hands in cookie or brownie batter?

Now imagine setting up camp in that.


So I guess this thing lasts a month doesn’t it from one full moon to the next full moon?


It was supposed to be new moon to new moon, but they were late getting started.


Why they picked plum rain time …


Hippies aren’t renowned for concepts like logic or planning ahead. They’ve got lucky, though, as it’s currently dry as a bone.


Considering going there this weekend…


It’s not luck. Mother Nature is smiling on her nature children. :vulcan_salute:


Over in Cyberspace, the squares and blue meanies tried to make their lives feel less meaningless and oppressive by trading jokes about :poop: pits and bodily secretions. :frowning_face:

Meanwhile in Cosmicspace, the hippies were living it up. :slight_smile: :rainbow: :peace_symbol: :unicorn: :fairy: :flying_saucer: :happyrunningaround:


Have you dug any shit pit?


just go and see for yourself. no one’s gonna dig you any vip shithole.


Enough to write a book about and then some. But who cares? Just go and feel the love! :heart:


In case you’re still having doubts…

Now go to the Jesus tent and work your miracles! :slight_smile:


I dont want to see any photo reports.