A Rainbow Family Gathering to be held in Taiwan in 2018 🌈


It was a great place. Lots of people, good food, trees, fireflies out in force. Comfortable.

Thankfully there was far less sarcasm about things like above compared to here and other internet conversation type websites.

Clean, friendly, happy, learned lots, came back without giving up my ways. A good time all around, grateful for the work some did to get it done :slight_smile:


You see, Mr. Masala? Love is in the air, just not on the interwebs! :stuck_out_tongue:


Farewell hippies! (Except local Rainbow-ers.) Hope you had a good time communing with Mother Nature! Please post pics of your amusing countercultural frolics.


The gathering is going to be in Hualien.


That was a letdown . :smile:

Not even a decent story or two. Rubbish.


Thanks for the report. I still want to try maybe next year.


That’s not a report a decent report would be filled with scenes of debauchery , disaster and stats on shitpit fly numbers this year.


I couldn’t take last Friday off. I’m taking tomorrow off though. Where can I find those hippies now?


Were there lots of shaky bushes?


Naw, they’re too stoned–they just lie there.


If I were younger I’d go there just to collect all the hashish and marijuana they left behind forgot here and there.


The gathering is over. The gates are closed.

There was hardly any alcohol (I saw 4 or 5 beer cans in the trash), and no other obvious drug taking. Most people were sober the whole gathering - a very clean spirit. There was a fair amount of male & female nudity (stop sniggering at the back, there) but that’s all good, clean and healthy. Lots of nude river bathing. I saw no-one screwing in the open, although it probably happened somewhere. The kitchen was amazing - some great vegan meals were turned out from there. I wasn’t there for the gnocchi evening, shame on me. There was 1 hornet sting, 1 snake bite (ambulanced to Hualien, but returned the next day Ok), some kitchen knife cuts and a mountain of sand fly bites.

The Full Moon circle & bonfire was powerful, the 2nd Talent Show was good, but the highlight was the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at the river-side tea-house. Dusk to dawn, candle-lit, large fire, a feisty Queen of Hearts, and folks taking it in turn to perform on the small sandbank stage. Plus there were 7 rounds of tea, including a cacao ceremony and an astounding masala chai with coconut milk. The 7th and pre-dawn round was apparently kratom, although I’d gone to bed by then.

There is now a smaller follow-up gathering in Miaoli, peaking on the Full Moon of the 29th.


Shit pit had no smell, obviously. When people use things properly, there’s no issue. Only flies at shitpit were fire flies at night, which made the walk amazingly beautiful. Most restaurant washrooms here are far more terrifying. Saw no drugs, alcohol, but some people did smoke.

Makes people sure, much like a hotspring. Sex, saw none in the open.

I think most people here would quite enjoy going. Once they dropped the childish sarcasm and if they could manage living healthy and without a cellphone for their time there. It’s nice to get away to a positive place sometimes :). Might just motivate us sometimes to not be such cynical whiney little shits ;). Sure does for me anyway.

See some of you in June.


Jeez, someone got up on the wrong side of the ashram this morning…


Whateva man , sense of humour is the most important .


Maybe I can try to join that and screw some hippie hotties in a naked swim in the river.


Where did you see it then?


Exactly. Damned technology. If only we could stop using it perhaps we might be less cynical and live healthy. Obviously, computers and the internet are excepted.


Snarking is just the internet’s way of saying we like you! I would have visited, but Hualian is kind of far away for me, and I do have to work for a living. (In Babylon, as they say.) What’s this about June? I’m normally a nudist, but the Mrs. bought me the perfect pair of rainbow shorts.


Thanks to everyone sharing stories.