A rainy weekend, some handy work ... voila, a bike stand

So I had this left-over tri-pod, for some reason it came with our stuff when we moved back to Taiwan, never used, not even knowing why I have it.

Anyway, as I maintain all my bikes myself, and as I was fed up with the rain the last weekend, I decided to build myself a better stand.

So, some wood from the B&Q, bit of measuring to allow for both my MTB’s and the shorter road bikes, bit of drilling, cutting, grinding and painting, some pipe for the front axles, a left over quick release, some foam for the BB, and here she is ready.
The tri-pod legs fold away, so pretty easy to store while not in use.

And … more ppl. should do their own maintenance :yum:


Pretty darn snazzy. Well done.

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Nice. I’ll also go with snazzy.

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A piece of art. Pretentious shit art, but cool anyways. Also cool that you have so much space for something like that in your place :slight_smile:


Exactly what I was thinking. If we had space like that it would be filled up in no time.

Nice work on the bike stand. Next project: a low speed motor to slowly spin the bike :sunglasses:

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Rich wife :wink:


Where do I get one of those? B&Q? Hope they don’t cost an arm, leg or my soul.

They drive around in Suzuki Jimny’s.
But you got to be quick to catch them :yum:

Easy for me to grab on when chasing them on my bike.