A random collection of KMT's behaviors during the coronavirus pandemic

For what has just been said in the past few days, there are already a eye-catching list:

費鴻泰 (Fei, Hong-tai), a long-time KMT legislator and its party leader in the Legislation Yuan, said that 陳時中 (Chen, Shi-zhong), the Health Minister, should be executed for his subpar performance in handling the pandemic.

葉毓蘭 (Ye, Yu-lan), former professor in the Police Official Academy and a legislator at large, supported Legislator Fei. The execution remark was meant to be a benevolent threat. She used similar threat to discipline her son, like 'I will break your ‘dog-legs’.

侯友宜 (Hou, You-yi0, the mayor of New Taipei City and a former head of the Police, said he will lock down New Taipei City when the pandemic alert level goes to Level 3, again. He said he will see the military deployed on the streets all over New Taipei City to enforce the lockdown.

丁守中 (Ding, Shou-zhong0, who lost twice or three times in Taipei mayor race, said that Tsai administration should remove the ban on the China-made vaccine, and he will be the first one in the queue to receive it.

That’s what I have off the top my head. This collection is not meant to be systematic, but perhaps I might spot a pattern when more data are collected. Or a there may exist a Polyakov that could be traced down to.


I’m surprised Han hasn’t opened his trap lately.


Is this the Taiwan reddit now?


He’s welcome to it. The Seychelles is having the world’s worst outbreak right now despite being vaccinated with the Chinavax. It doesn’t seem to work worth shit.


When a rumor-news about Han pops up in PTT recently, it is always about the coming election for the KMT chairmanship. Han’s cliche script is adopted again: his family loathes the idea of him running for a public position again. So that reads he is eyeing on the chairmanship. But his enemies are within, who he does not want to see united together against him.

I’m a strong advocate of vaccinations, but I would not touch the Chinese-made shit with a ten-furlong pole. It’s unconscionable that someone in Taiwan would want that poison used here.

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You win today’s prize for creative use of horse-racing lingo :horse_racing:


Rules about Chinese Nationalists, no. 1: never take their words literally, figuratively, metaphorically, rationally, logically, … Whatever they say is like a piece of stone in the game of Go, whose purpose to help other pieces of stones to take up more space.

It may far-fetching to western chess players that advocate for China-made vaccine is helping PLA Navy in South China Sea, but the Lennist-Chinese think laterally, contextually.

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Dont forget attempted murder putting nails in the walls of government buildings, graffiti of public buildings, occupations, physical assaults never mind the normal crime etc. The fact they arent in jail proves taiwan, dpp included, is not a nation of law, but more psuedo anarchy kept together with the tape that is cash and an understanding.that gang affiliation does in fact protect you.

Its good that its well documented so our great great grandchildren can look back at us and say, nope dont wanna be like those idiots.

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That’s an honest observation. I would like to see your voice heard in WTO 姐妹會, which is the kind of duck tape you mention. Fortunately, the desire for Taiwan to become a nation of law is not completely gone in Taiwan. Maybe not so strong, maybe not so clear, but such desire always exists, from the days of marshal law to today.

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Ya missed the last paet: tape that is cash…

There is always hope here so long as we dont go hungry.

Glorified communist water!

And we will all praise them for it and saving the world.

An elder man wearing a ROC flag T-shirt chose to visit a night market in Wanhua on May 12. He did not have any mask, and when a woman offered him a free mask, he refused to use it. I judge that this man is a Chinese Nationalist, or a fan of Han, by the flag T-shirt.
The video for this is posted on Facebook

What’s your point? Does it matter what political affiliation he may or may not have? Stupid people come in all affiliations. When you go chasing witches too much, you’re apt to become one yourself. This thread is like the Taiwan version of the Peak Woke Thread.

[KMT Legislator 賴士葆(Lai, Shi-bao). On April 15,
He criticized the Health Minister about banning China-made vaccine. On April 16,
he warned that AZ has caused many critical, and as a result was banned in Denmark. So he criticized the Health Minister for AZ imports. Then on May 13, he said
he has had his first dose of AZ.

Wearing.clothing does not mean your are you party member. lets stick to.facts tthey actually have done.and.been recorded doing under the name.of their party. To which there are MANY.

Ps. The majority of taiwanese are also Han, so i doubt they hate the han. They may likely hate beijing though.

On May 14, former KMT Health Minister 楊志良 (Yang, Zhi-liang) discovered a secret—President Tsai Yin-wen is sent by Chairman X to divide Taiwan.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that guy. He was also on the MRT with his mask down talking on the phone back in January.

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I agree with the lockdown comments.

Having been in the unusual situation of living in three countries in the last two years. I’ve seen first hand how the iron fist short sharp lockdown apporach works compared to the laissez-faire western EU approach where people were still acting as if like life was normal and some even take the chances to “flee” to “safe” parts of the country taking their covid with them.

Regional lockdown can work but needs to be enforced strictly and without warning.