A rant about South-Africa

Rape ‘not traumatic’ for teen
03/04/2006 13:04 - (SA)

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Nkosana ka Makaula

Nelspruit - A man who raped two girls was given a more lenient sentence for raping a developmentally disabled girl, because social workers said she hadn’t been as traumatised by the ordeal.

The social workers told the Nelspruit circuit of the Pretoria High Court on Friday the 14-year-old girl had the mind of a two-year-old child.

As a result, she did not comprehend what was happening to her.

But the other girl, aged seven, was severely traumatised as she was not only raped, but forced to watch the older girl being raped, they said.

Sam Thulane Sibiya, 32, of Friedenheim Farm, outside Nelspruit, was sentenced to 20 years for raping the teenager and life in prison for raping the younger girl.

OK, so he got life…but what if he only raped the teenager? Ghmf

The country with the highest rape rate in the world. It all seemed so hopeful and full of promise in 1994. What went wrong? Will it ever be right?

:frowning: Its a beautiful country, but people are so f**cked up.

some people in government believe that raping a virgin will cure Aids. Own prezzie Mbeki doesn’t believe that HIV causes Aids…says poverty does. :unamused:

The senior judge (I forget the name of the title, but I think his name was Foxcroft) in Cape Town a few years ago gave a man 7 years for raping his daughter. When asked why the sentence was so lenient, He replied that at least the guy “kept it in his family” and didn’t take it out into society.

So it’s better to rape your own daughter than someone else’s… :loco:

Here’s an idea. Rape, murder and Child abuse. Penalty: Bullet in the head. Human rights? What about the victim?

What if you (oh wonderful God) get it wrong?

Sacrifices must be made!

I’d like to hear where you got the info from. How about some links.

I blame the ignorance we are talking about on the wonderful policies of Hendrik Verwoerd who said:

Lekker one! :bravo:


I have warned people against false beliefs and misinformation such as attributing this disease to a curse from God or believing that sleeping with a virgin cures the infection.

matrixmasters.com/world/afri … frica.html

Researchers also point to myths that AIDS is caused by witchcraft and HIV is transmitted by touch, both of which fuel the stigma and ignorance surrounding the disease. . . . But perhaps the biggest myth remains the belief that AIDS can be cured or that it always happens to someone else. . . . The belief that HIV/AIDS is a problem limited to drug users and homosexual men is also common. . . . A survey of 260 African truck drivers showed that over a third of respondents believed that sleeping with a virgin could cure the disease, putting girls and young women at great risk

and for this one…google ’ I don’t eat candy with the wrapper on’

Zulu Cultural Beliefs
…and insensitivity toward tribal practices further complicate the AIDS pandemic. One of the consequences of apartheid was the seperation of whites, coloureds, Indians and blacks into different housing districts. Many tribal practices were lost, or corrupted away from the tribal grouping. Some continue, but are not understood outside the Zulu community. Pauline and Cheryl could tell us of a Zulu medicine woman practice that involves cutting the knuckles of several initiates with a razor, then rubbing a healing powder into the wounds. But they didn

Lekker one! :bravo:[/quote]

In a few months’ time South Africa will undergo a brain gain when I return.

What if you (oh wonderful God) get it wrong?[/quote]

Shit happens…

I would just like to let all the S. Africans reading this to know that I won’t be holding this incident against any South Africans in Taiwan, or use it for material to make snide remarks about your culture in general.

I still like y’all. I’ve met too many damn cool South Africans here in Tiapei not to. That’s all. :flowers:

What if you (oh wonderful God) get it wrong?[/quote]

Shit happens…[/quote]


“Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends.”