A real cashmere men's scarf (not fake and not overpriced)

basically what it says in the title. I want to know it’s real (so no night market specials) and I don’t want to pay a massive markup, vecause even at a fair price, cashmere is expensive. That means no department stores.

Any small shop recommendations?

Have you tried Kathmandu?

jk, as the most mind-boggling array of warm, soft, beautiful knitted scarves, sweaters, etc., is available there for dirt-cheap prices, and when I last visited (a decade ago) I bought a whole bunch of cool stuff, so I retrieved a cashmere scarf from my storage locker back home for my wife and she is enthralled with the thing. . . so much so, that lately she’s been on a cashmere scarf kick herself and purchased one online here in Taiwan, but I’m sure they’re not cheap, because she refused to tell me what she paid for it. Still, that may be your cheapest source, if you can read Chinese and are willing to buy it online (without really knowing the quality).

No, it’s a gift and I do want to see in person before I buy. Not going to Nepal anytime soon. There has to be a smaller store that sells them for a fair (not cheap, but fair) price in Taiwan.