A reasonably priced Family Restaurant

Hi! I am from Hsinchu and come to Taipei twice a week with my family. I am wondering if any one could recommend a reasonably priced family restaurant for us to have dinner at? We come to Taipei for a writing class and are around the Guting MRT station.

We prefer not to go to a Pasta house!

Thank you

The Diner.

Yongkang Jie is one MRT stop away from Guting (exit 6 drops you off at the top of the street) and has dozens of choices. I would go there.

To follow up on MM’s suggestion to head to the Yongkang Street area (i.e. near Dongmen Station on the yellow line): one place that serves tasty northern food (guotie and the like) is simply called “Dongmen Jiaozu,” on an alley just west of Lishui Street, just south of Xinyi Road. Big tables, lots of space, and reasonably priced. Recommended!


nice restaurant for family get together
tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant … aipei.html