A "rulebook" for teaching english in taiwan?

the moans i am reading of about teaching in taiwan are pretty much the same ones that were out there five years ago. the gov’t has blurred some rules but generally speaking uncertainty seems to rule the roost.

is there an existing guide/rule book on the laws/needs of teaching english in taiwan? either chinese or english would be cool? any ideas?

no rules. no regulations. no protection for teachers. only rule is if students like you and you use the book the boss is selling, you’ll make plenty of money!

aw, c’mon. the gov’t has time and again set out all kinds of rules and guidelines pertaining to laowai teaching english in taiwan. if there is no one volume reference on the topic the dearth of such is a part of the problem.

most every laowai i knew in taiwan had a lonely planet taiwan about. hard to comprehend there isn’t someplace where all the gov’t edicts are bound together.

lotsa money? really? how much can one really expect to make working for someone else in taiwan today? at my peak i was bringing home the equivalent of US$1000 per week but this was duirng the computer boom. is such still possible for a newbie just off the jet and days out of university?

oh yeah and one more rule: don’t speak chinese in class, not a word of it, even if it helps to explain something. they believe in total immersion which i don’t. gets me into trouble every time. i believe in a 80/20 mix. 80% english and the other chinese so they get phrases like “get back to” and “get back at” properly understood.