A serious story

I am sitting here, wondering why we haven’t got more serious discussion going on in this web-forum… How’s about this story… Read it carefully…

Nuclear power plant shows shoddy work: Control Yuan

Some conclusions have been drawn: “…the panel, formed by three lawmakers from the legislature’s disciplinary committee, revealed that welding materials used for the outermost layer also failed to meet the requirements in the contracts… …It has been alleged that inferior welding materials were used by subcontractors who had to make up their reduced profits after paying out large sums to lawmakers who secured the contracts for them…”

Now, can anyone speculate whether or not the legislators responsible for taking the cash will ever be brought to justice? Why or why not? How long will Taiwan’s government be comprised of buying and selling opportunities, to the detriment of the public’s best interests and welfare? Forever?

What is the solution for all these irresponsible rich peoples’ behavior?! …Personally, I would like to initiate a campaign of Mercedes Benz smashing: identify the particular legislators who are responsible for taking the cash from contractors, and the contractors, too; and then… go out at night with some crowbars and sledge hammers, and take apart their big black Benzes…

Any other suggestions will be welcome. If you want to join me in researching and planning this escapade, feel free to volunteer… I think it would be a lot of fun to make a small dint in the filthy greed of these pompous, lawless monkey men – who are supposed to be responsible members of a democratic government…

I can tell you one place they gather: the “Really Good” seafood restaurant on Xinsheng S. Rd section 2, near the intersection of Heping E. Rd, opposite Da-an Park. Then after dinner they go sing Karaoke at Cashbox on Zhongxiao E. Rd.

Good luck.

Does this constitute ‘getting involved in Taiwan’s political activities’? I think there’s already a thread on this…

Well, certainly! Of course, maybe it’s lucky we don’t live in a real greezer police state… And be happy you don’t live in Japan, where mostly all people from abroad are forewarned “against becoming involved in local politics…”

But I’ll tell you something about local media and political responsibility: seldom will these “serious stories” be followed up, either by the press, much less – the justice system… Another thing you will note: seldom are names ever named. Often, the legislators manage to shovel everything under the rug. So, what can you say about that? Nothing, but that they set themselves up to get away with it. It all comes down to magnitude: for example, we heard quite a lot about the soldiers giving money to the French boat makers for winning frigate contracts, yet even that story and its attendant “justice” has yet to find a satisfactory resolution.

The idea of being held accountable for your actions holds very little water in Taiwan, and I suspect that if your bank account can fill up as fast as the Feitsui reservoir during a deluge, it is pretty easy to work hard so that nobody finds out who and how and when it all happened. Friends are privilege in Asian society. Without them, you are nothing and have nothing. So, we see that the injustices, and the incompetent behavior, are not likely to disappear until the Taiwanese evolve greater equanimity between one another… It is sad that the power of handing-out money can twist men and women so that they no longer have any idea about what is wrong or right… The main point to note is that fair-play and justice and public welfare have not enjoyed much more than embryonic development here in Taiwan…

Anyway, the first thing is to identify the legislators and the construction contractors, by name, then find out their licence plate numbers and where they live and then we can pick up a naked ax and dance prettily on their tight-ass righteousness.

( hell, all I want is a girl who can dance… that would be miracle-justice enough… )

Originally posted by Poagao: ...the "Really Good" seafood restaurant on Xinsheng S. Rd section 2

From the looks of the place, I thought the customers there were gangsters . Oh, I see, they are gangsters. Ha ha, silly me.

Popo, you ought to get in touch with the Green Citizens’ Action Alliance, the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union or the Green Party.