A Shameless Twn Shakedown

Strap yourselves in – you simple won’t believe this. Or maybe you will, hahaha!

My wife volunteers her time with a small group of nuns from Missionaries of Charity. This is the same missionary previously led by Mother Theresa. The nuns wear the same garb – humble white robes with blue trim. Their activities center around feeding the homeless in Taipei County.

So the wife drives the nuns to a nearby produce market, where many of the vendors give them stuff and sell at below market, because the vendors know the sisters are buying for box lunches to be handed out gratis to individuals and families living on the street.

All packed in the car and ready to leave the market, my wife must maneuver between two cars that are blocking her way. In one car a man sits in the driver’s seat and watches her maneuver, never attempting to give her space to pull out and leave.

She gently bumps his car, and the games begin.

This anus has the gall to demand cash payment on the spot for ‘damage’ to his beat up POS. The wife and four nuns pile out of the car, apologize, but recognize they made no discernible damage to either car. The four Mother Theresa look-alikes surround him, pleading that they are only there to get food for the homeless, and all they have is given to the less fortunate.

The guy doesn’t bat an eye.

He calls the keystone cop. The cop is just worthless, and keeps the nuns there until all is ‘chuli.’ In the end my wife pays NT$500 to be done with it.

Of course it is not about the money, but about principle. Said principle is much easier to fight for, when the driver has a local driver’s license! Had the cop asked for one, we might have been looking at NT$8k instead of NT$500. Yet somehow, that fine would have been easier to swallow, because it wouldn’t have gone into the anus’ pocket.

Moral of the story? Get your local driver’s license, and fight for principle, because otherwise people will stoop to any level for a free ride at your expense.

You got to be careful of a few things:

  1. People with a lot of time on their hands, willing to take yours, and try to make you pay for giving it back

  2. Opportunists out to make a quick ill-gotten buck

  3. Taiwan has laws, but these are only to project an image of a civilized country/republic. The real stuff comes down to reasoning and negotiating, not principle, fact and logic

  4. Mother Teresa and her nuns in the missionary position, giving people food and a free baptism

  5. and 2) will become more prevalent as the economy sinks