A) shark backpack and b) auto parts brands t-shirts

I know they were popular last year…but i wasn’t here last year. i want to pick up a couple as gifts when i go back home. for a visual, look up “shark backpack” on google images. (and upon doing this, i guess it’s a fake of some brand called morn creations, but i don’t care)

as for the auto parts brands t-shirts, i saw them 2-3 years ago being sold from a guy in ShihLin night market with a small stand, just t-shirts, near the old (i was told it was torn down) semi-indoor animal area in ShihLin night market. does anyone know him/purchased from him? by auto parts brands i mean like brands associated with the “rice rockets” and “fast and furious” crowd.

Thank you in advance!! i’m going to try shihlin one more time tonight, as i assume all the kids are going to bed early for school on monday…and if not, i’ll go monday night.

You can get the shark backpacks in Hsimending.
There are several backpack stores in the area.
I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them right below the big KFC.