A smallish tv

not a big screen monster like all the places I’ve looked so far - RT Mart, Carrefour, 3C, that don’t have anything under 21inches.

I am looking for something with about a 12-14inch screen, the kinda thing you might have in a spare room or on a desk, yk?

Anyone got any ideas?

I bought one at the used appliances stores at 廈?門街 Xia4men2 Street for $2k or so – it’s about 14". Check out those shops where guys repair old electronics. Sometimes they pick a set up off the trash heaps, repair it, and sell it cheap. Mine worked fine for about 8 years, then I had to replace the picture tube for another $2k or so. Still using it. “Jean” brand, or something like that.

I got two of the them in the same area. HsiaMen St. Paid the same money NT$2,000. One was Sony and I might have paid NT$100 more. I think the other was Hitachi. Both still working. Not the greatest but works fine in the office for keeping up with the news after hours.

thanks I will check out the street. Is that near an MRT stop by any chance?

Add a TV tuner to your Desktop computer if you’ve got one.

Otherwise goto XiaoDianzi for XiaoDiansi.

ok, so forgive my ignorance here, but can I just go buy a tv tuner for my ibook (saw a USB one) and then just plug it in and I have tv or are there some extra steps involved?

I havent done it with a mac, but i presume it should work the same. There’s a few hardcore mac people here. … anyone?

I do not have personal experience with this but know of someone who had their Mac configured to watch tv. It can be done either with a USB or firewire connection or a PCMCIA card. My friend had the later. Like everything with Macs I am pretty sure that it is more expensive than if you had a PC. I think that Apple offers a tv device (firewire) but my friend opted for a non-Apple brand PCMCIA card device as it was cheaper and more portable.

I’m thinking a tv will be a lot easier for me to deal with esp. considering my 18mth old son and his love of the LCD screen. Cheapo tv it is! thanks all.