A song for all of you unbelieving sinners

As Easter is upon us, I think it important to remind those of you who do not accept His word just what it is that He will do to those who turn their backs on Him. A song at this site should put the fear of God into you. Click on “Bluegrass song of the year.”

Not suitable for work without a headset!

I do love a good church hymn. :wink:

That’s great. That’s going in the MBR repertoire for sure.:laughing:
Broonale, you should pay special heed:

[quote]… Ray was full aware
That some sheep were over there
And he knew them in a biblical sense.


God fucked him up
He went and fucked Ray up
To pay him back for all his wicked sins
He fucked him up
Fucked that boy completely up
Now he’s married to a pres-by-ter-i-an[/quote]