A sports bar in Taoyuan

I’m looking to set up a sportsbar in Taoyuan. I have a location ready for business. It’ll have a big screen TV and we’ll get satellite TV. The store front is not that big,but it has a kitchen. The bar seats around 10-12 people and have a area for 3-4 tables that’ll seat 4 people.

I looking for partners and advice on on running a sports bar with food.

I have experience with the Taiwanese style pubs where the girls chat and drinks with the customers. Tired of that scene and looking to get into a real expat type of bar.

Anyone interested? or have some helpful advice. Please write me at ltshih@yahoo.com


Sounds a bit small but then I do not know Taoyuan, feel free to send me an E-mail captain@tavern.com.tw or call me at 0935-920733 and we can take it from there.