A spot of help?

Right, I’m in an interesting situation right now and wonder if you kind people might be able to offer some advice.
Last week I told my boss that I will be leaving my current job, as I’ve had a better offer from another company (this company is not Taiwanese but is setting up a representative office here). I said I will work until the end of May and he seemed all fine with that. Now the problem is, today I was told that he wasn’t happy with this arrangement and that I should go and pack up my stuff and leave the office. :astonished:
This puts me in a rather complicated situation, as my new employer isn’t ready for me to start as yet and the representative office hasn’t been set up.
As I apparently was still in probation, they could just get rid of me like that… :s
So I’m in a bit of a pickle right now.
The letter to cancel my ARC won’t be sent until the 30th of May, so how much time do I have to try and sort something out?
I can’t just up and leave either as I don’t have the cash for a flight back to… well, that’s the thing, I’m not planning in leaving Taiwan as such, hence the new job, but everything got pushed forward by a month…
Any help advice on what to do would be great, but I have a job coming, it’s just that I don’t exactly have loads of cash right now, so I can’t go somewhere on holiday either…

Well, I will make the obvious comment and say: “What are the terms of your work contract?”

Well, never mind, I guess I just panicked yesterday.
I’ve calmed down a bit now and had a chat with various people and I’ll sort something out.
My new employer is trying to sort something out for me as well in the mean time.
Oh well, shit happends, what can you do?