A strays worth

Last week my 6 month old boxer mix puppy who I found half dead and crawling with all kinds of nastly stuff may very well have saved the life of my neighbor. I have just moved to a new and bigger house with room out back to keep my dogs for short periods of time and to sleep. At three in the morning my one dog knocked over the metal piece I had put up as part of the fence getting me out of bed saying very bad words. He was over at my farthest neighbors house which has a fence between it and the next place. He came back when I called and when I was fixing the fence I noticed something hanging from the clothes line of the third house. The old lady who lived there had hung herself. The other neighbor came out and I got her to turn around and see the situation. She got her husband and they called the ambulance and got her down(I was too freaked out to go near her). When the ambulance took her out she was still alive and the next day her husband said thank you. I am not sure if she made it or not, but my dog is the only reason that she was found so quickly. I don’t know if he went over because he was hoping for scratches or knew something was going on, but someone’s garbage did something wonderful. Every animal out there deserves our help and the views people of this society have towards dogs are insane. My dogs are not trash, they wonderful gentle animals who let the neighbors kids play with them, entertain me all the time and get so excited to see me that they sometimes pee. They are worth every vet bill, food bill late night and stress that Taiwan can have on dog owners. They will come with me back to Canada in 2 months. I am hoping everyone will support the efforts of straydog and everyone else out there giving their all for the strays here, cause you never know what your dog is capable of.


That is a scary but amazing story. Thank you for sharing. Boxer Baby is truly one top dog.

I hope the old lady doesn’t want to kill herself again.


I hope the old lady doesn’t want to kill herself again.[/quote]

I thought about it too. You need to keep your dog safe from the old lady now… :s

Pat your lovely dog for me. :slight_smile:

I think she is either dead or in the hospital, can’t really figure it out as I don’t have enough chinese to tactfully ask anyone. As for my dog she would not have a way to get at him and I have two, so I think they would give her more problems than she would give them. Also I don’t know if she has any clue that I found her or that I found her because of them.