A strip bar in TPE?

My friends and I would like to see a “real” strip bar in TPE. We’d like it to be decent enough for us to go there and be safe. I was going for Showtime, but it unfortunately closed. Any suggestions of a good one here?

Hope to receive your replies soon! We’d like to go this weekend, if possible! :slight_smile:

There’s Hooters near the Nanjing MRT. But it’s different than the Hooters in the US. It’s more family-style, and you can even see kids running around.

Where can I find Bassman? :slight_smile:

It is strange that Taiwan lacks strip clubs like they have back in the states. Most large cities in the US have at least a few. Even my college town of Eugene, Oregon doesn’t have a very large population but there were at least half dozen or maybe a dozen strip clubs. Not crappy restaurants like Hooters, with girls in tight shirts (woopdeedoo) selling overpriced burgers, but genuine strip joints where the girls get nekkid, hump a gold pole, shake their bare breasts, flash their twats and rub it all in your face if you pay extra (or so I’ve heard).

So why doesn’t Taiwan have such places? It’s not like they’re too upright, proper and moral for that kind of stuff. On the contrary, Taiwanese seem to appreciate sleaze and debauchery as much as Western men, but here they do it behind shaded windows, in “barbershops” or KTV parlors. Why are they afraid to just come out and say “Hey, we got naked girls here, come on in and check out the titties.” Different culture I guess.

Isn’t it just plain illegal here?

Isn’t it just plain illegal here?[/quote]

Are you telling me it’s legal for girls to dance naked at wedding parties in front of small children, or sell binglang in see through panties, but they can’t dance inside a club full of grown ups.

And, why should it be illegal here? This is a patriarchal society isn’t it, run by the same men who screw those KTV girls and leer at the binglang girls? So why would they outlaw public nudity on stage?

They DO have them, over in Old Taipei, like Yen Ping N. Rd., but they’re heavy heavy gangster joints, and they’re private, not just anyone can walk in…not that I think you’d want to, I’ve heard (really, I’ve never been) the “talent” is pretty…rough looking…

In Taipei, public ones, they don’t exist. They aren’t legal. That is, I think, what made Showtime suck so hard. And the KTV ones are whorehouses, so “per head” is probably about right.

An informed soul posted this on the Tainan bulletin today. So, there are at least three in Tainan.

Russian food sounds great, too. Does that imply Russian strippers as well?

groups.yahoo.com/group/Tainan_bu … ssage/7471

Strip clubs are illegal here… so are whorehouses… but that doesnt stop them from operating – public or private. There are a few of the “word of mouth basis” types out there… but you’ll prolly have to dig around to find 'em.