A Super High End Bicycle Shop With Campy around Tianwei

I was wondering if anyone knows of a bicycle shop that sells campy stuff located around Taijung or better yet Tianwei. Or can I not get it here? If so at what price? If the cost is through the roof I may seek to have a friend an America just mail it to me here- which might get it hit for an import duty…? However, as of now everything is fine but I am may break something after a few thousand miles riding here in another month or two.

For those interested Mr. Chang Sheng Kai runs CSK bikes in Taipei. He makes carbon bikes and seemed to have a lot of high end pro stuff in his shop:

NO 60-2 Sec. 3 Chong Quing S. Road, Taipei

However, I thought it’d be more convenient to find a pro shop around Tianwei or failing that the big city of Taijung. Also, PM me if any of you are Road Toads and BIG into riding around here :bravo:

I have a pair of pink fluffy cycling shoes that are simply to DIE for, dahling, but I can’t remember where I got them.

However, if you go into Taichung, have a look for a little cafe called Cafe Zhino. It’s around the back of the Sogo just off Taichung Harbour Road. Hopefully someone from the chung will be able to provide better directions. He makes great coffee, has a walk-in cigar humidor and what he doesn’t know about road cycling here simply isn’t worth knowing.

Thanks sandman. Maybe I will go there this week and stop and buy a big rug too at Carrefour. SIDI shoes came (come) in pink if I recall right my sprint match the Lion King Chippo wore an all pink skinsuit- but then I think he did some zero clothes model shoots run way tours too, I forgot it was some strange art fashion promo where everyone was naked… they were Italian Model shoots NOT anything ahhh you know… my shoes are blue and yellow Northwaves. There is a small chance I will not have any bike breakdowns within this year…



No. 42, Alley 30, Lane 300
Section 2, Jhong Hwa S. Road
Tainan 702, TAIWAN
Tel. +886-6-265 6001
Fax +886-6-265 1388

I called the number and they put on another who spoke English. Then she gave me a bike shop close (well an hour ride that is umm close for me 40kms) that had Campy stuff. So that is your best bet when you are not a Shamanio L00zer… Sorry I am a Euro parts lover, but I do admit that I have XTR on my MTB - however it is just that the frame did not come with SRAM… ahh anyhow maybe this will help any Campag Road Toads… Just remember DO NOT ride like me and draft trucks or blow by them via their slipstream at 100 KM an hour to prove you are c00l… I still have yet to meet this Bike Aficionado in Cafe Zhino of Tiajung thou…