A tai chi sword?

I’ll pay up to 3K. I know the shop on Ningpo St (at least I think that’s what it’s called – near Guting MRT station) but last time I was there they had very little selection. Where else is a good place to look? It should have one of those little magic buttons on it that gives the bearer the force of 10,000 fists of fury, by the way. And it needs to be a straight double-edged one, not a scimitar.

I’ll ask my co-worker when he comes back from the biz trip. he’s crazy about this stuff…

That would be stellar. Thanks.

For the love of god, don’t ask brianlkennedy to teach you “Python Style”…

Why not? That’s just a flesh wound. (I was going to say “flash wound” but I didn’t think anyone would get it.)

  1. For second-hand martial arts items, try the little antique shops along the section of Aiguo East Road that goes from the south-east corner of the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Park toward the Mormon temple.

  2. Ask someone to bring one from Hong Kong. Quite nice ones are available from souvenir shops on the ground floor of Miramar Mansions on Nathan Road. Not expensive. Telescopic (retractable) blades available. Must go with check-in luggage, obviously.

Second-hand old or antique ones? Now that’s an idea I really like. Thanks Juba, I’ll definitely check that out. Souvenir shops? Dunno … I want it for actual taichi. I’ve seen those retractable ones and I think they look horrible – I want a proper one with a blade that can be sharpened to an edge if need be – never know when I may need to sever a human body asunder. Plus, the classes start on Saturday so I don’t have time for a HK thing. Also, I need two – the wife does taichi too.
In fact, she needs a smaller one – our teacher says the hilt should ideally come up to your belly button and hers is much closer to the ground than mine.

The Mirador Mansion shop sells quite nice solid-blade swords as well as the retractable type. I think they may be the famous Longquan swords made in Hangzhou.

You can borrow my wooden taiji sword if you like.

Still no word from my colleague, no doubt because he’s in Vietnam… and either

he’s having too much of a good time OR

he’s hating life.

Anyways, I’m in HK. I could mail you one if you tell me how. and can you mail tai qi swords?

Thanks Juba, Jack. Kind of you. But I found a quite nice one in Xindian that should fit the bill nicely.

Tai chi as a martial art is a bit rubbish though, if you try to poke me with your sword I have ten minutes to move out of the way.

Right. That’s why I wanted one with the “10,000 fists of fury” magic button on it, but that one was too expensive, so instead I’ll just have to make do with my “two fists of mild peevishness.”

You should get a multi-purpose one; i.e. a sword that converts into a walking stick. :grandpa: :wink:

try the shitzilin building in ximending

Well the wife got one too. I’m planning to fashion a walking frame with them. Bit more stable than a stick.
I did also get a comb with an evil 4-inch double-edged stiletto chib hidden inside. That’s pretty cool.

Not true. “'Snake creeps down,” for example, will leave you with crushed testicles and severe concussion.

[quote]Tai chi as a martial art is a bit rubbish though, if you try to poke me with your sword I have ten minutes to move out of the way.

You should visit my taichi master.
10 seconds?No way eh. :smiley: