A tale of desperation in Hsin-chu (Taiwan)

I was walking down the street in Hsin-chu the other day when a woman zooms up on her motorcycle and says (in English) “Excuse me!” And asked me if I could teach a class! When I told her I couldn’t, she asked “Do you have a friend?” Now remember, when she first saw me she couldn’t have known what my native language was. I guess this means I’m good-looking!

So if anybody is having a hard time getting work in Taipei, or for those people wanting to know if you can teach without any qualifications, maybe you should give Hsin-chu a try.

Man, Vince, you are a lucky man. Some people have a hard time finding a job where you have jobs (or should I say woman?) falling on your laps from the sky. :shock:

You wouldn’t have her name and number, would ya? 8)