A vast wasteland, with subtitles

So, people keep saying watching TV in Mandarin is a good way to learn. My problem is, I hate TV. But, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Every country I’ve ever been in, television is the same except for the language. There’s idiots babbling about current events (news), idiots babbling about nothing at all (reality TV) and people yelling at each other (everything else).

But I managed to snag a bunch of a show called Fated To Love You. It’s exactly what I need if I want to learn how to say something stupid or abusive. It’s got Taiwanese accented Mandarin, classical Chinese subtitles and English subtitles. It’s a veritable Rosetta Stone of vitriol. I’ve already learned how to say “Shut your bung hole!” in Mandarin. That’s a phrase that will come in handy in many social interactions, especially the ones I want to end abruptly.

I’m also loving Pleco with character drawing input, now I’ve got the hang of it. If I want to know exactly what they’re yelling at each other, and I suspect the subtitles are watering it down, Pleco will give it to me unbowdlerized and in your face.

Cool story, bro!

“A vast wasteland, with subtitles”

Very insightful.

“A vast wasteland, with subtitles”
North American TV fits, as well.
Even the ads are close captioned.