A view of Taipei from outer space


Taipei from outer space, circa 1999…


Maoman, you might have warned us that it’s a 4.4 megabyte TIF file! If folks can’t see it in your browser, you could install Quick Time Player with an extra image-viewing plug-in. It’s my favorite media player out of the ones I’ve tried, anyway, partly because it doesn’t take over all your file associations without asking.


Is that why it took so long to load. And here I was cursing Hinet…


I got the Quick Time player, but didn’t seem to be able to zoom in…


You can’t scroll it in your browser because it isn’t embedded in a web page - but part of the map is there in GIF form on http://www.spaceimaging.com/gallery/international/taipei.htm - “only” 0.1 megabyte! :slight_smile:

As to the gigantic TIF file, you can download it and then view it with Kodak Imaging, which comes with Windows 95 and 98, and with Paint? Paintbrush? or whatever it’s called (“Xiao Huajia” in Chinese) - or maybe you have some superior kind of graphics viewer or editor on your computer. (Is this just basic stuff that everybody knows? - If so - :blush: )

Ah, more info here.


Right click on Maoman’s link, download, and view in any graphics viewer.