A Whiskey Recommendation


Amazing eh? They compared it to “bourbon-infused chocolate”. I’ll have to try to pick a bottle up, $2700 apparantly


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Talking about references…



Does anyone know the name of a whisky sold in a dark caramel glass bottle full of glsss bubbles? My stepfather and pals held that to the highest regard. As a child I had an empty mini bottle I played with but I can’t remember the name, only the reactions of people when they got it out.

I remember Black and White too because of the dogs. They do not have that in Taiwan either. Nor I have seen J & B. But what do I know?


The Bells is not bad for $279 at Carrefour


Yes, I’m posting this on a Sunday morning. Probably not a good sign.

What are you listening to? (music edition)

reminds me this.


Hey everyone, I’m looking to pick up Glenfiddich 21year from (somewhere) in Taipei and I’m trying to look up prices.

I think I’ve found out that either you aren’t allowed to sell alcohol online or just…there’s no market for it. PChome, ruten, shopee have no search results even if I type in the Chinese name.

There’s a few places like my9.com and p9.com, but this doesn’t help with figuring out price. my9 list the 700ml bottle at 2950NT (with membership) and p9 is at 4500NT, but that’s the gift set.

So my question is, anyone know the going price for Glenfiddich 21 year?




no price listed:


You could call 八條酒庫 and see if they have any.


八條酒庫 is on the way home from work. A good excuse for a pit stop.

Thanks TG.


You should be able to pick up a bottle for less than $3k at almost any liquor shop. 9city.com.tw usually has good rates, but the buying process is slow and annoying.


Thanks @rooftopclown

Do you by any chance know why it’s so much cheaper here than it is overseas? My friend from east coast US was saying a bottle of that will cost up to 200USD.


Whereas here, we can pick it up for well under 3000NT/90USD.

Alcohol is actually cheaper here than it is overseas?


If that’s true, then things have changed much since I first came to Asia. I remember my old boss always requesting duty free liquor every time I left Korea.


Spirits, especially whiskies, seem much cheaper in Taiwan than in the US. One reason is state taxes. Some states stack retail and distribution license fees onto the price. Some states even tack on ad valorem and excise taxes. And lots of cities and municipalities have their own local tax on non-package liquor (the kind you buy by the glass in a bar).


Even bourbon is no cheaper in NY.


Taxes on spirits are ridiculously low here and there are a lot of parallel importers (esp. for Scotch), so whisky is very cheap.

Taxes on beer and wine (esp. sparkling) are on the high side, so these are expensive.

Conclusion: enjoy your whisky!


Is that true? Makes sense. I’ve always wondered why wine is generally overpriced here and spirits are good value. I assumed it was down to low demand for wine so they couldn’t import in large enough quantities.


From Costco (obviously). Very pleasantly surprised with how smooth this blend is. About NT$1,200 for 1.75 liters.