A Whiskey Recommendation


I’m probably going to get shot down in flames here, but the King Robert II in Wellcome is considerably cheaper and it really isn’t awful - assuming it’s drunk with mixers. Obviously a hell of a lot younger, though.


I’m ok with all that, but not this! I just never buy scotch to mix with anything (that’s scotch, right?). Even the ice I use is frowned upon by most.


That’s OK. It’s been a long time since whiskey was Willie’s mind altering substance of choice.


Makes me think of Sunday morning coming down. Very nice.


Being in Taiwan has allowed me to enjoy some whiskies I would never normally shell out for. Some nice ones are about a half or even one third the price here.

One eye opening example was Glenfarclas 105. Saw this for about $100usd recently at Bevmo in California for the750ML bottle vs. around 900ntd or $30usd for 1L in Taiwan!

Some nice Glenmorangies are also half the Usa prices.

And then there are some that are not only way cheaper here but also nearly unobtainable elsewhere, like the Famous Grouse 18 blend.


I never liked that.


Yeah, 250NT for an imported bottle of craft beer at bars. Tough on the wallet.

Luckily, I found that Carrefour does stock some craft beers for a fraction of the price. Nothing too fancy, but enough to make me happy.

I went to 橡木桶 yesterday and they had 18 year and even 26 year Glenfiddich, but ran out of 21 year. The price on the 26 year is the same price as 21 year is in the states…I was tempted.


I saw that and wondered how it is, thanks for the review. It is improbably an even larger bottle than the ginormous 1.5L Glenmorangie behemoth. In Hsinchu they also have, if memory serves, a 2L(?) bottle of Kirkland Signature 3-yr old (?) blended Scotch whisky - and the price was less than NT$550 (was in a hurry).

So like Napoleon you’re being sent to an isolated island (stay with me here). Do you choose the 12-yr Kirkland blend, or do you take the Glenmorangie?


Hmm. Tempted. The problem is, if I get something cheaper like that, I’ll decide “Oh hey, what’s wrong with two glasses” rather than my usual one glass, and before I know it I’ll be drinking and possibly spending more.


Glenmorangie 10 year is my all-time favorite scotch. I’ve had much fancier and much more expensive brands, but for my daily commute, the 10-year Glenmorangie does it for me better than anything else. But if you like a smooth taste, and you like the price of the Kirkland blend, then you won’t regret the purchase.

Life is fraught with peril. But sometimes you just have to take a chance or two. (Okay, I need to get back to work. I can’t come up with anything better than that. Lame, I know.)


Um…hope you’re on public transportation. :grin:


Just bought a bottle from Costco. Darn. That’s a big bottle. Barely fits on the shelf.


For a while last fall the Glenmorangie came with a mini-bottle of the 12-yr sherry cask Glenmorangie tucked inside. (it was a small sample, but for my money the 10-yr is just as good; I agree with marasan: it’s good stuff).


You mentioned one of the potential perils of the big Costco bottle. It’s real. My wife and I (more me than her) finished off that 1.75 liter 12-year blend already. I told her not to buy another one. So be careful! Long break coming up. Cold, whiskey weather at the end of the break.

The last bottle we bought had that mini bottle in there.


Yeah, it’s still got the mini bottle.

I’m free until I tutor tonight at 8pm. I think I’ve shown admirable self-restraint by only sniffing, and not drinking from, the bottle.

I’m curious what I’m going to think of this. I’ve only been drinking whiskey for a few years (see somewhere way upthread!), and I think this is the “lowest-end” I’ve bought - so far it’s been Glenlivet or Glenfiddich 12 & 15 year, plus Kavalan Solists (as gifts for my father - I dunno if Kavalan is really worth the money, but it’s nice having premium gifts I can buy in Taiwan, rather than the joke gifts I used to get). So I’m fairly confident that I’ll drink this ten-year and wonder why I’ve been spending more money than necessary.


A couple of recommendations, Hankey Bannister 12yr blend is very nice for the price and I put it above Famous Grouse 12.

The Loch Lomand Inchmurrin 12yr single malt is a very strange one that got better and became amazingly good after being opened and sitting for a couple of weeks.


I didn’t really like this one. I bought it at Carrefour and remember liking the price. But it didn’t do it for me. But I’ve been known to change my mind about a particular whisky brand. Love the TinTin connection, though.


Supposedly Glenmorangie have the tallest stills in the world. I think their bottles are their marketing’s way to reflect that. They are kind of a pain in the ass, though.


Hard not to like the Glenmorangie 10yo. It’s like mother’s milk


Damn. I’m comparing B.C. Canada with Taiwan, so not the same, but … Costco’s 10-year Glenmorangie, 1.5L, NT$1299. Glenmorangie 10-year in a BC Liquor Store, 750mL, CAD$69.99 - about $80 with tax included. So CAD$160, or NT$3670, for 1.5L of whisky. Meaning the Costco Glenmorangie is 35% the price of the same product in BC.

No wonder I never got into drinking spirits in Canada. And now my father thinks I’m a big spender because I’m regularly buying single malts.