A writer and his Cat Looking to make it to Taiwan

Hi Guys,

I’m just a freelance writer and author trying to get my first break into travel writing. I’ve always been a big proponent for doing something you’re passionate about, even if you’re starting from scratch and at the bottom of the ladder. I know my dreams of being a travel writer might seem small at this stage, but I really want to see the beauty in the world out there, and use my many years of writing and publishing experience to bring all these glorious stories and images to the rest of the world through social media.

The Taiwan Government is having a social media contest at the moment, in which the Top 3 contestants will get to go to Taiwan for 8 days and to write about it and present it to the world via social media. I am the only professional writer in the competition and I want to present the best face of Taiwan to the rest of the world (while still keeping it real and professional). I am very good at what I do for a living (Writing) and I hope to use all my skills to be able to do that for Taiwan and her tourism industry.

So if you could help a young (ok, maybe not-so young) writer out with his dreams, just click on this link below:
activity.taiwan.gov.tw/twfriends … id=506&v=3
Then Click on the GREEN LIKE Button and you’ll be taken to a page with a Login via Facebook button - Click on that. Then fill in the details and submit. Once you see the small pop-up window that says “Your vote has been sucessful”, you know you’ve given me your +1 vote. And guess what? Each vote you send me counts as ONE entry into a lucky draw to win cool prizes from the Taiwan Government (fancy Aboriginal Glass Cutlery???)

I don’t want to win a holiday…I want to help Taiwan promote its greatness to the rest of the world. I want to spread its name big and wide out there. And see people flocking to Taiwan to enjoy her great beauty, food and people. I have the skills and life experience necessary to do so. Now I just need the manpower and votes to make my dream a reality.

Thank you, for reading my long-winded request. But when you love traveling and discovering new countries like I do, you can understand why I’m so excited about a trip to Taiwan.

PS. You guys can vote until November 30, 11.59 am, this Wednesday. You guys can actually vote every day, until that day. The counter resets itself at 12.01 am each day - it is based on Taiwan Time :slight_smile:

If you guys do give me the +1, THANK YOU So much, and I really appreciate it. It might seem small, but it really means a lot to me!

I’m a travel writer and I have cats: two of them. The conditions are not mutually exclusive. :slight_smile:

Good luck. Starting from scratch is where everybody has to start. It’s nice to see people who are passionate about their work find success, so I wish you well.
I know nothing about cats though, except that dogs like to chase them and their pee doesn’t smell very nice.

Research your market. Contact the publication buyers. Develop a relationship with the buyers. Write what they need and want.

In the meantime, while you’re sharpening yer skills…pay your bills and don’t whine about “How hard life is for a struggling ‘writer’”
That cliche’ has been DONE. TO. DEATH.

Find a niche and fill it.

As for the cats…Taiwan is loaded with 'em.

Guys, what he needs now is for you to vote for him at the link…

well he is around 600 votes short…till tomorrow… :ponder: but I like Mr. Arnold :laughing:

And he did it… :sunglasses:

What? He is coming? TaiwanRen, hide your cat senoritas, danger is brooding!

Too late. He came, he saw, he already left.

Probably caught some demonic virus or something. Never know what lurks in the back alleys. Well, no need telling you that.