A year teaching in Small Town, Taiwan (video)

This is a short video I made about my year in Zhunan, Miaoli. I’m not really sure where else to put this,“Living in Taiwan” seems like the right spot, so here y’all go. Enjoy:


I enjoyed that. Yep, small town life in Taiwan in all its glory. But actually you do capture the diversity, the energy, the ennui, the beauty and the ugliness well. I bet you had a decent time there looking back.

But dude, doesn’t the sun ever shine on Zhunan?

I thought it was cut pretty well, but you could work on getting some more stabilized footage.

You gain about 1,000 points for not enlightening your viewers on what Taiwanese guys are like at clubs. :slight_smile:

PS, while the name Zhunan literally means “south of the bamboo,” it’s named after neighboring Hsinchu (aka Xinzhu), as Zhunan was the southern part of Shinchiku (Japanese pronunciation) Prefecture during the colonial era.

My favorite Zhu is Zhubei.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, while I was there obviously all the stir-crazy Bumblefraktown, Taiwan blues applied, but I definitely look back on it as a positive experience. In hindsight I think my memories of Zhunan are actually fonder than Taipei, because the tiny foreigner community there was so much tighter, at least in what I experienced. That being said, Hsinchu definitely saved my sanity in some aforementioned stir crazy spells.

The sun did shine, but I was there during what was apparently a particularly grim winter in '11-'12. I was braced for the worst in '12-'13 and wound up being pleasantly surprised, ha. I won’t forget the day in March 2012 when the sun came out for the first time in what felt like (and probably was) 2 months. “Holy crap, vitamin D!!!”