A.Z. Vaccine Side Effect Survey

This is an anonymous survey to get an idea what side effects people are having after taking the AZ vaccine. It also surveys important details that may contribute to any side effects.

If you have not taken the vaccine, but would like to see the results of the survey, simply answer the first question, skip the rest, and submit. At the top, you will see the results.

This survey is 100% anonymous.


I want people to be able to see results by individual, that way you can see which demographics experienced which side effects. However, I can only seem to get Google Forms to show overall results for questions.

As the creator, within my Google account, I can see survey results individually as well as overall.

Does anyone know if it is possible to let survey takers to see individual response results?

Here is a link to a spreadsheet that shows individual answers in context from the survey. That way you know what kind of person got what kind of effects.

I will post updated spreadsheets daily.


It might help having say Day 1, Day 2, etc kind of a diary. First day might be different symptoms.

Also some way to rate intensity?


side effect seems to be getting better… slightly.

Update on individual responses over the past 24 hours.

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Even the arm pain is going away. It is so slight now that it is mostly undetectable.

However since receiving the vaccine, and the accompanying head cold, I seem to sweat more often. Don’t know if it’s the weather.

The survey shows that 57.1% (the majority) of respondents say that they prefer the Moderna vaccine.

If they’re too picky, I’d be happy to take their AZ shot while they wait for Moderna.


That doesn’t mean much. When I checked that a few minutes ago, there were only nine responses to that question: 44% Moderna, 33% Phizer, 22% doesn’t matter.

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You don’t want to risk the side effect of any blood clots, trust me. I had blood clots in my
lungs before when I did chemotherapy 5 years ago and I was prescribed Xarelto.

The risk is about one in a million or at least one in several hundred thousand. And mostly affects pregnant women. There’s greater blood clot risks with birth control. So I’ll take my chances, thanks.


don’t forget that covid19 increases the blood clots risk more than the vaccines do.


Thank you for tell me that. These blood clots can surely kill you.

Pregnant women?! That’s not a surprise, but the blood clotting from AstraZeneca has also effected people of any age regardless.

So many die in car accidents. Be careful, don’t go outside.



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Not technically wrong: a UK report has incidents of this with all ages, from 18-29 up to 90-99. Highest number is in the 50-59 age group (with 68 incidents) - BUT this is total numbers, and doesn’t indicate percentage of people who have received the vaccine. This Financial Times article goes into the ratios a little more, emphasizing “the only risk factor for blood clotting identified to date was age, with young people showing a ‘higher risk’ of the rare side effect, which is lethal in about a fifth of cases.”

The questdion:
“Did you have other Covid-vaccines…?”

Is it bugged? I shows the opposite in the spreadsheet I selected in survey.

Today’s updated spreadsheet of individual responses. Over 49 responses now.